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Footman posted 22nd of May 2009 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

"Blogs are for OPINIONS, news, IDEAS. Post in Blogs ONLY if you have something to tell about the topic."

My OPINION about this topic is that the rules apparently are a superficial attempt at telling people what and where they can have their opinions. In reality the rules are more like: "When ever I go on the rag and don't like something that's said I'll delete it. Because I can so to hell with who ever doesn't like it. And I don't have to man up to it either."

I have an IDEA...

As soon as Boonex stops wasting valuable energy subjectively policing comments by upset customers and deleting every desenting post because someone has a control issue, and utilizes that energy to porvide support for their product when a question is asked, handle the patches in a very different way etc. Then Dolphin will be a very respectable program. Stop letting the simplistic minds of the control freaks run the show, actually LISTEN to what people are saying without taking it all so personally and you'll be going somewhere.

At the moment there's the beautiful house built on a fragile and unsustainable foundation. Without a strong foundation the bells and wistles above it won't stand the test of time.

Now you can start the count down for the deletion of this post as well.

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Good post and 100% agree.
Part of the problem ist that the Boonex site has gotten far too convoluted with stuff that ends up mixed everywhere, partially because of seriously bad to non-existent support that some members have been experiencing, and partially because the whole Boonex/Dolphin site has gotten too large i.e. with too many options all over the place. Like they say, too many cooks spoil the soup ....

The first thing that ought to be done is to distinctly separate and define the purpose of the forum, the general see more blogs, and the team blogs ... followed by policing those three to that effect. For example, the forum is really where all of the client support issues should be going ... but due to lack of support many people skip over to the blog sections, looking for support, and sometimes finding the answers there. Well, that totally undermines the specific purpose of the forum itself - offering a place where people can go for assistance. Then there are the team answers ... which are a nice gesture ... BUT THOSE TOO should be posted in the forum in order to avoid confusion. Even worse, there are lots of references to the "Expertzzz" site where I have to say quite honestly that I got shafted out of 40+ USD for something that screwed up over 50% of my language keys ... even though the installation went flawless. Quite a few people have commented on being taken advantage of, over at expertzzz. I believe before someone is allowed the privilege of submitting a mod for a Boonex product, someone else should be assigned the task of testing and approving it. There's a lot of dolphin related *JUNK* over at expertzzz (yeah, and good stuff too).

Bottom line, many newcomers to Boonex/Dolphin are thoroughly confused, not knowing exactly and specifically where to go for answers all of the time ... followed by getting seriously irate when proper support questions are asked - without being able to receive a decent reply for weeks, sometimes months, and in a few cases ... NEVER.

The entire communication system ought to be restructured as far as I'm concerned, so that people will always know where to shoot the breeze, where to go for support, and so on, without everything being all jumbled up all over the place the way that it is right now.

Greetings from Germany
Andrew Boon
There's a big restructuring coming. I mean it. Real soon. And it should benefit everyone here.

As I said before BoonEx is going to be powered by Dolphin soon, and the Unity will be substituted by the new Dolphin system, along with policy changes and moderation rules.


we never remove posts for critique or even bashing. We value negative feedback more than positive, always. I hear your post was removed/hidden. I'll check why on Monday, but I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation, see more or it could be a mistake.
Uno, thank you. I appreciate you stopping in, commenting and looking into things. I'm looking forward to the restructuring s well. I do honestly believe it is a fantastic product and have high hopes for it as I'm sure you do as well.

For the sake of full disclosure my original deleted post was neither negative nor positive. It was the first of a journal of steps I'm taking towards my first site with Dolphin. What problems arise and how I deal with them as well as any thoughts on design, seo etc see more along the way. Since my expertise in coding is minimal at best, I was just trying to chronicle my steps so that I can, in some way, give back to the community if only through my experience. The subsequent posts were me complaining about being deleted etc.

Thanks again.
The blog rules really really confuse me, ive only tried making one blog and i was talking about helping members to remember to use the search function on the forum and to remember to try and name your questions correctly to help the search functions work properly to help members in the future when they search for a problem, and the blog got deleted so i havent bothered after that as i didnt understand why id gone against the rules. when you look at the blogs allowed to stay up, i gave up trying to see more even work it out.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.