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DPC posted 12th of March 2010 in Community Voice. 17 comments.

Wow where do i even start..... almost everyone of these sites has a Fake members database ( No wonder online dating has a stereo typed reputation ) did you all have your spines removed? What is the thought behind FAKES.... they suck no need for a fake user database do it the hard way and get real members as you will only piss people off using FAKES..... so what if it takes a little longer for your site to grow.

Maybe some of these sites would grow if they were not so cluttered and messy or had logos done by a 2nd grader in MS paint..... lose the windows 95 animated gifs.... ahhhhrrrrr is so painful to view these sites...

Grammar!! Hey my English is not up to par and i know it so i get someone to review my content and correct it where needed. Why do they do it to themselves ...ooooo look at me look at me look at my site... then you write an honest opinion without trying to be nasty and they get offended but still ask why they have no members.

Well getting members is not an easy task even asking good friends to join is like asking them to have teeth pulled.... so do your homework and do your SEO work if you can,t do it yourself get a Marketing company to help you get Links back, Blogs, reviews, social network post, Squidoo lenses, Press release and other items I have forgotten to write.

So grow a set and lose the FAKE database and invest that money in graphics as 99% of the sites listed are plain crap, gawd awful and a waste of disk space,

If you feel offended by reading this then you know I'm talking about your site, my tip don't get offended fix it and show me better.

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maybe it wasnt created for you you. sure would like to see that static populated website you are sporting, since you seem to know the secrets of the world wide web.

Not all are fake, my site is not posted on here but users are real, and a lot of others have websites that have REAL users also. Please don't say all sites have fake users. Do more home work please.
Are you talking about the Websites directory here? I agree - fake profile sites are for the birds - in fact, I think they are fraudulent. I just did a quick look at the directory and did see one of those, but most have very few members at this point. I'm not sure where you are coming from with this post though. You seem highly critical of other people and want them to show you their sites. You can find a link to my site on my profile here. Could we also see yours? Maybe you could show us see more how it is done.
So what are you saying? That I should get rid of my flaming logo animated gif?

I wasn't going to comment on this blog, but I've nothing better to do at the moment. What cracks me up about the fake profiles, is that people use up to 15,000 of them...rofl. If they just used a few hundred, it might actually pass as believable. The fake profile sites are pretty easy to spot.... especially when the members are ordered by registration date & time, and they are all in alphabetical order.

I'd see more tend to agreed that a lot of sites I've seen could be made to look a little better, but in all fairness, I don't think Facebook's front page design will end up in the Louvre. It's an interesting point though. You see a lot of mods and complete templates in the market, but not a lot of graphic artists offering their services. Probably because so few on this site would be willing to pay a fair price for the custom work. And then.... not everybody can afford that $700 photoshop price tag. What's a person to do?

DPC, maybe you could put together a list of open source and free graphics programs, and post some useful design tips.
For instance, here's free photo editing software for windows:

It's not as sophisticated as Photoshop, but it's got some really nice features and toolsets.
good point HL as a Mod over at swishtalk i did a thread on Free stuff like stock images and free tools will update the list and post it.

Facebook is is ugly as all get out no prizes for design there. still no blinking gifs

As for Photoshop, one thing is buying it, the other is knowing what to do with it..... so i,ll throw in a few tutorial sites to go with it if no one objects. As i looked at a few non blinking non gif logos that are ???? there is no nice way to write poo.

I think i am not see more bad with PS and i can script and use Swish or Flash to do full sites or just some small things but i got a pro to do my logos paid an arm and a leg for it too.... I'm not loaded and work for a living like most but see the Social and Dating Game is a tough one to make it in so am putting in the time effort and dollars to "Try" and make it.

Why i hate Fakes so much and what motivated me to do a Dating / Social site was being a member of about 15 of the Australian dating sites some claiming to have 0% fakes and that they manually check all profiles.... I suggested they use Google images to search or look at more porn so they can spot the fakes with no response.... I owned a blog called ass eats pants a few years back and we had a Spanish girl do some shots for us, these shots ended up on a well known dating site ( Now under review by the ACCC ) Fakes are easy to spot and i hate them with a real passion.

Here at Boonex you can buy a Profile gen! this should be a banned item unless the site owner stats at the top of their page ' WE USE AND ENDORSE FAKE PROFILES" see how many new members they get then. 4ppl wow is all i can say again a site that OMG is littered with the worlds porn elite how do they do it what makes all these women join there....

sorry got side tracked

no more bitchin rather some good help will be on it's way in for of good free tolls and tips.
Caltrade; "You can find a link to my site on my profile here."

Let me mention this since you noted it; this is something I've been wondering about for a while now. -> says: "Your profile details cannot include URLs or other forms of advertising."

Is this an old and outdated rule that is no longer expected to be followed? I personally think it only harms the level of networking among users. Perhaps users with a certain level of see more member score, like 50+ or whatever that would establish a track record of sorts, could have separate profile fields for their websites and blogs, and perhaps even with an actual clickable link without "ref=nofollow", as a reward for their contribution to the community. Would seem fair enough for all.
Here's a good case example of what fraudulent profiles and pay-for services can bring you. (Need to split this in two as it got a bit long.)

Once upon a time (2002-2009) there was a social networking provider with mobile billing called (And it's fun that "" is an anagram for "scams".) They used fake profiles in abundance, and would bill you for notifications sent to you from received messages. Some of their employees would use these bogus profiles for sending see more "I'm interested in you" messages to members, who would then pay for the SMS notifications received.

Having received a volley of invitations (in 2006), I looked them up, and checked out how their "send free SMSes" setup worked; it didn't actually work for my locale, but in the process I had signed up to pay for all sorts of SMS notifications tied with the account I had created (and it was justified in some very small print that was tucked away somewhere). I wrote about it at some length on my site (, and then received a cease-and-desist from their local advocate in both e-mail and snail mail. In their view, I "violated their trademarks" with my screenshot and mentions of their company name; it was of course nothing but an obvious attempt to intimidate me.

After telling the advocate to be prepared for lots of laughter at the courthouse, there was a bit of quiet time, followed by a call from one of their execs and free flights to San Diego and back to look at their operations, and see if I perhaps wanted to come onboard. While they fixed the bulk of my complaints, and as a courtesy I took the reviews down, I never really found the time to get back to them or look at their dev platform. (The internets were still booming with bad rap all over.)

Look see more them up at --> and you see that they have since received a rating F from BBB, along with a £250,000 fine and a ban in UK for misleading business practices. Their site has now been rebranded (or taken over, it redirects to a new site with a new business model).

# Summa summarum, * if you are thinking about making money by creating fraudulent profiles, think again *. In my world, business models like this need to go down with Pyramid Schemes and HYIP "opportunities", and be likewise categorically banned by hosting service providers.
@CodeSatori - it is not advertising - I have a member restricted site for a specific population and wouldn't accept registrations from most of the people here. I actually wish everyone would show the sites they are developing and think it should be a part of our profile - but then, I also liked the "real names" idea that got people so upset. I was a little surprised when D7 came out and didn't have a "url" field as most people have external links of some kind they want to display. see more Instead, you have to go though a somewhat convoluted process to put that information in a php block to get it to display on the profile. Technically, Boonex does have what you want in the websites directory that is only for premium members I think. I don't like it though and wouldn't put my site there. I don't like the way they display the member pictures here on the Boonex site - my members didn't give permission for that, and I don't think they would like it. To your point though, I think most of the profiles here on Boonex are a joke - they all say next to nothing, and I do wish there was more information about people here, including sites they are working on and even blogs, as you suggested.
The way I read the rule quoted above is that URL is by definition a form of advertising. As I said, I also don't quite understand the point of the rule. (And I see quite a few people having URLs in their profiles.)

I have seen such rules in place only on sites that intentionally try to lock users down to their service and internal payment system only, and prevent other ways of communication, for example to not let developers fix deals outside their commission setup.
lol...funny tag: 'crap sites. Sorry I don't have anything to add. that just made me laugh.
I am in the same boat when it comes to my opinions of "Fake Profiles". And I am not only talking about social networking sites. I have too add that this includes the classified and adult advertising sites as well. (,,, & just to name a few) My site is a by membership only; (No children... Minimum age to join is 18) where when you join, you must use your real name, home address and drivers license number. If you decide to join my site, see more you are informed that your name, drivers license, home address must match the information on the credit card that is supplied. (All info is shredded after a full background check) We also run your name through the Sex-Offender database.We do not accept prepaid credit/debit cards of any kind. Working with my merchant, we are building a "100% Scam-Free Community" one member at a time!
I always check the forum. I find it odd that they have over 10k members and about 15 forums posts. Mostly by the same member too. It's funny.
It is really hard building up a real community from scratch, and a common strategy using fake accounts to have your site populated with some sexy profiles, so that people will start registering (a deceit that is). This strategy won't stop unless they put more effort in the way they try to lure people and not the money they spend on advertisement.
I just asked for my website to be deleted from Unity for this exact reason. I am not comfortable having my site listed next to a large number of websites with base installs and fake profiles. Unless Boonex implements some sort of quality checking or moderation for Unity, I will not be posting my site here again. It is a pity because I am interested in seeing what others (those who are serious about their work) have done with their websites, however I am sure most people who have put time and effort see more into their community will probably feel the same way.
my thoughts too... like i said in another post i put hour upon hour into the site and well over $10000 US plus i signed a $15K SEO deal to get page one rankings so to be put allong sites with countless fakes is an insult to those really wanting to make a great site. wish you all the best with your site and hope you have a ton of success.
Cheers DPC
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