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jerry79 posted 31st of July 2008 in Community Voice. 10 comments.

Hi BoonStuff,

i was blogging and posting for getting a replx from you or others...

Im looking for a feature which should be build in.

This is what i mean:

Can you explain me on how to revoke it or get it back again? As i need this feature for our female visitors.

Also im looking for getting back Credits system, but it hink this is another story.

Pls give me some informations.



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The credit system was dropped for PAYPAL BUY NOW buttons which provide more flexability to your Classifieds for Members..

Admin --> Builders --> Page Builders --Join Form create it or whatever specific feature you would like.
ahh 1 feature which im not using... Any idea on how to bring it back? I want that members can buy credits for there membership or for buying things on the website....or whatever...

So for the main thing i have to check the join form? Ill check it, thank you.
Hmm cant get what you mean with the last one as there is no solution for my problem with the searched feature...
One more time, 100% agree with you jerry79... One by one, Dolphin is loosing its most interesting feautures :-(
5.6.005 was much more near that I really need... It was just some bugs to fix and some feature to improve... no need to reinvent the wheel :-( And the templates for 5.6.005 was much more attractive !
Andrew Boon
The thing is that Dolphin is transforming into a more flexible and universal application, as opposed to dating-geared software. At some point we had to remove all the features that cluttered code and slowed down development of a highly configurable system.

They are not lost forever, though. We plan to return every useful feature at some point, BUT we need to fit it into a new structure. Otherwise, the whole thing becomes unbearable from a programming stand-point, and you don't want that, trust see more me.

The "chicks for free" wasn't a popular offer at the last feature poll, so it's not planned for 6.2, unfortunately. 6.3 may surely have it, if offered.
Cheers MichelSwiss!
The only thing is, that i cant understand that. They got the feature already since a couple of versions in Dolphin. They are still advertising with this feature... And now, its gone and someone is selling a mod to this...strange in my eyes and not fair.
I dont now the previoous versions, but heard a lot about them ;)
We will see whats going on, im still waiting for a reply...
Oh it was a reply at the same time...
Well then i think you should stop promoting with this feature on your product page, cause this is confusing.
But if you want to build a all in all script for social and dating, then you got a lot of features, and i also think, that the chicks for free is a good option to get some members inside on our site... Also the credits thing....
Ok it seems, that i have to buy now a product from Boonex connected stuff to get the feature done...
Andrew Boon
As for the "mods"...

It is our policy not to link development plans with "mods" market in any way. No matter if there is a mod or not - we develop according to what's requested and is feasible. Mods developers are absolutely independent.
Ok Andrey, thanks for your answer...even if its unsatisfied for me ;) But its an answer and i have to live with it and go for buying this "already builtin but removed feature"mod ;)
Andrew Boon
Thank for pointing out that it's still listed on "features" page. Sometimes it gets hard to keep up and update all pages properly.
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