Boonex read. This is strange

hd4real posted 16th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 9 comments.
Hi all,

I think the problem with Ray widgets not showing is the following. I have Dolphin 6.1.1 Free installed on dedicated server at Hostforweb. Ok, the problem:

- Free licenses created at unity
- All widgets are installed at Ray base. I did not register them yet

Here comes the strange thing.

- I login to my site. All wigets show with message "not registered". This is normal
- I go back to admin and register the widgets with my created licenses
- I login at my site again and poof widgets don´t work. Not even loading. Nothing. They just don´t show

Strange is that if not registered. They show with "not registered" message but the moment I register them, there gone, not showing.

Dolphin 6.1,1 Adfree has the same problem I think. Have not tested it yet.

What is going on here?


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Sounds like the bit of code that is buggy is only being run after registration is being checked... at least its a clue!

Are you getting any error messages? That would help us narrow down the exact problem.


Sounds like a problem with the "flash".. if they are unregistered the flash doesn't need to load. Try taking this line out of /templates/base/_header.html

<script src="inc/js/ie7_flash_fix.js" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>

Even this line is SUPPOSED to FIX a problem in IE it ends up causing some peoples "widgets" to not load.
Hey Dolphin, mscott,

@ Dolphin: no errors show on site. the widgets don´t show either after registration. They don´t load at all. Is there another place to check for error?

@ mscott: removed the code from templates/base/_header.html but still no luck. Not in IE and Mozilla.
I'm not really sure about the error checking.

Which widgets are you trying to run? I could go test them out and see if I can repeat the issue.
Chat, IM, Video player, Video recorder, Music player
Are you using the old licenses, or you have created new? Because for this version you need new licenses
Had the same proble...try installing ray 3.5 widget...took care of it.
Nurke what do you mean? 3.5 is installed or do you mean the standalone Ray Suite because I tried that too
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