Bottom menu and what you can do with it.

IgorL posted 15th of March 2010 in Community Voice. 14 comments.

Well, today I'd like to tell you how to change the look and feel of the bottom menu which contains the following items:
about us, privacy, terms, faq, invite a friend, contact us and bookmark

Not only can you change the URLs these links are pointing to but you can also remove some of them or insert your own ones.

Ok, let's get forward. Open the template file "templates/base/_sub_footer.html". This file contains html code of the bottom line of your site's pages.

Find the following code excerpt:

<div class="bottomLinks">

It's exactly where the bottom links are stored, but they are represented as a template variable "__bottom_links__", if you want to get rid of all of them, you can just remove this variable and insert your own HTML code here, but if you want to get rid only of some of them or change URLs of some of them or even change their order, then proceed to the next paragraph.

I assume that you know how to log into your CPanel and open phpMyAdmin for database management. So, assuming this, open the table "sys_menu_bottom". You will see all the links here.

The column "Caption" contains the language key of every link and you can change it if you want the link to have a different wording but don't forget to create the new key in "Admin Dashboard -> Settings -> Language Settings".

The "Name" column contains the system name of the link and should not be changed.

The "Link" column shows where those links are pointing to.

In the "Script" you can insert your own javascript commands. And at last in the "Order" column you can change every link's order on the page.

You can also create new links (insert new records into the table) or delete existing ones. Don't forget that you have to clear the cache after you've made your changes. If you're working hard on your template and don't want to clear the cache every time, you can disable caching in "Admin Dashboard -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Template" and disable cache for HTML files, images, CSS and JS.

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Great job and awesome tutorial!
thank you very much.
Nathan Paton
I was going to publish my tutorial, but it seems I wasted my time.

Well, done.

*Walks off and cries.*
Thanks for sharing this.
This will come in handy
Igor - the master of dolphin !
A little more detail I posted on Jan 15, 2010 regarding the footer links about 2 months ago. with some screen shots. Nothing spectacular, but perhaps a little bit helpful:

Have fun everyone!
GameU....Thanks so much. I really liked the screen shot help and used your tut just last week to change my contact us link to an existing form I had elsewhere on my site.

Igor, I got something from yours too.. I had forgotten I could have just removed the template variable "__bottom_links__" and put in my plain old html. Used to do that alla time with 6.x Yes, it's been that long and I am that old.
thanks, but how can my members upload videos in their profile?
Gameutopia's article is really good. I had a very frustrating time trying to implement the above until I read his article that mentioned deleting from the cache folder.

It seems simply clearing cache in the admin dashboard does not do this. Since it was the first time I ever used phpmyadmin I was sure I was doing something wrong, but no, my new link was perfect, language key and all, I just had to delete the file so it could be rebuilt.
Seems all the text in bottom_links is lowercase. How can I make it mixed case? e.g., About Us, FAQ, Invite a Friend, Bookmark

A function somewhere must be converting it to lowercase since the data in sys_menu_bottom is in mixed case.

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