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sammie posted 26th of May 2009 in Community Voice. 13 comments.

Boonex has had a wake up call this weekend and has finaly started to put the things in place that this community was in desprate need of.

This community had in effect be barred from any real meaning full help and partcipitation they could have offered in the past, but this is changing and is happening now. and the new fast tracked pundits will still take a week or so to be verified and their status activated, but once this is done, we can really begin to improve things around here.

At the moment the only two Qualified Pundits are James Tadeo and Myself. with upto 40 more now being fast tracked, this will start to show results really quickly, much faster than what James or I could do alone.

BoonEx are fantastic developers, but poor Webmasters and i am sure they will agree. We have professional Webmasters here that have been at it for years. We have professional Developers here with some more Qualified than some BoonEx staff, all this talent has been untapped until now.

Navigation on
Trac is a tool for Developers, 80% of webmasters or more can not write a single line of code, so most likely have never seen the word Trac, Trac is as foreign to webmasters as Chinese is to people speaking English.
People that arrive here are looking for key words in their face "Documentation or Docs" so i would like Boonex to add a menu header to the menu on the left called "Documentation" with submenu's called "Dolphin Docs, Orca Docs, Ray Docs, and so on"

this will help solve the next major error all webmasters can see but Boonex cant.

Site Search forum search problem
because the word Documentation is not in your face. you head to the forums to look for your answers. some will post right away and start a new thread with the title "i have looked for ....but" and it will go unanswered.

the others will use the search and get 100's of results, they will click the top 10 on page one of the results and find all 10 have never had a reply, page two of the results yay beeming smile they found one with a reply. they lean closer to read it and they see "this has been answered before use the search" the cat does a runner because it remembers the boot up its backside with your frustration at not finding any Documentation and the PC flies out the livingroom window because there's no cat to kick.

BoonEx the forums are full of crap with no replies and they are diluting the search results making the search function a waste of time to use.

I propose to BoonEx to empower 5 pundits to moderator status today so they can Blitz the forums and bin every thread over 5 days old that has no reply so they dont get returned in the search results.
also bin all posts with the reply "use the search function" this will lower frustration and anger and promote better search results and less anger and frustration.

Boonex its time to set the Pundit forum to private so the Pundits can talk and work out what they need to do without that forum being flooded with "fix my site threads" We want to improve the Documentation and help to build a better relationship with all, and we can do this with making sure the FAQ'a are full of FAQ's and not just a hand full.
BoonEx you have up to 40 extra professionals on the team, lets make this place rock and something to be proud of.

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I think your insight on this matter is very positive Sammie. I truly think BoonEx should recognize the ideas that you propose and seriously consider them. You obviously have great work ethics and a true understanding of the issues BoonEx is encountering here. I think with continued great efforts from yourself and others with ideas like yours BoonEx will continue to grow both in the webmaster field as well as the developer field. They have helped us all reach new heights in the web development field see more and I for one could not be happier to have joined such a fantastic community. Thanks :)
the old sammie is back, and believe me its nice to be my happy go lucky self again. and thank you
I tend to find it easier to use google to search for results on the Boonex forums rather than the in house search facility...
I can not believe it. I had to read Sammie's post more than once.

Not a single bad or dirty word. Is it possible!!!!!!!!


nor me, ok i'll own up, i did change the bit about the cats backside. lol
Forums badly needs a newby section, the ability to make some posts sticky eg announcements, wishlists etc (though this will happen when boonex moves over to dolphin 7).
Maybe also a dedicated mod section, pre-purchase section, wishlist,bug section maybe, also foreign languague sections eg russian, french, german, spanish etc...

And a lounge/off topic section just to chill :-) :-)
these are all the things we will look at and see what we can do to improve everything here.
I completely agree with you on this. A forum could have many separate sub-forums. This would greatly reduce the confusion as what's appropriate to post and where. Also, posts that are deemed to be in the wrong place could be moved to a better suited sub-forum. All the other forums I belong to have this kind of set up and it seems to work well.
I also concur - a noob section will help both noobs and experts alike

I can't tell you how much of my time is spent translating between the IT guys I work with and non-technical people that just can't think that way.

One of the things Dolphin is missing, as well as Boonex is the friendly-speak of a well-thought-out GUI.

"Befriend" is just one example.

Don't get me wrong. This is an amazing site, and Dolphin is amazing software. It can be better if made slightly more user-friendly. You'll have more people using it in more places.

It's why see more Joomla is in more common use (and has thousands more extensions) than Drupal, yet Drupal is (often regarded as) the more powerful and flexible of the two, and is used for many high-end, visible sites.

What if you could combine both? It's possible. Your users will help if you let them.

Good post, sammie.
there are a lot of minor details like the befriend link, the get contact info can be hidden but the others cant, but the checkbox to hide the get contact link, has no correlation to the link in the admin panel so people cant find it
yes dolphin needs to be more user-friendly and a better GUI, some things are changing if you have a look at the dolphin 7 beta, but it still has some way to go...
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