Chap1978, this one is for you!

slimgoody posted 26th of September 2010 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

I have been trying to get to this post for a few days now. But I had so much going on this weekend, by the time I got home I was completely burnt out. I'm finally sitting here with much on my brain. Even though I haven't been able to dwelve in my site, doesn't mean that I wasn't thinking about it. Actually, I thought about it so much that I almost drove myself crazy. (No, I'm so serious right now, I almost drove myself crazy.)

I'm at a point in this project where I need to make a decision. And yeah, I know I have said this once before But obviously I'm still trying to make it.

So here it is.......

I like Boonex, I enjoyed learning from it and I enjoyed using it as a way to learn about the Cpanel, web design and building a website as a whole. Before Boonex I knew absolutely nothing about this type of web buidling. The most I ever worked with was the WYSIWYG web builders. (And we all know the limitations on this type of software)

But now I'm feeling like my idea is so big that it's outgrowing Boonex. And no I'm not saying that Boonex is a bad software, for those of you who can't read between the lines correctly. I'm saying that, the more and more I grow my site and my idea, the more I grow towards bigger and better things. Everyday I learn something new about my website, about what will make it more appealing to my users. (When I get more than one) And even though I only have one true user, that user showed me the light. When my user has to ask me " How to do something," this means that my website is not user friendly. If it is not user friendly then guess what? I'm not going to have any users.

Yes, I have invested a nice amount of money into Boonex and it's affiliates. Whether it is be templates, modules or whatever, The money has been spent but that comes with the territory.


I wanted to address Chap1978 on his previous comments posted to my previous blog post, "I am stuck at a crossroads...So here I am."

He gave me some funky information. I mean I was so enlightened by his comments that I read them over 4 times. See, you can tell when someone is giving you some concrete and useful information. You feel it in your soul when it's given, and that is exactly what happened with me. So I want to say to Chap1978, Thank you for being a possible answer to my confusion.

I plan on taking some time and re-evaluating your comments and finding a way to implement them into my blueprint. I definitely am scoping through Chap1978's site as you read this blog post. And must say that I'm quite impressed with what I'm seeing. ( I want to be like you Chap1978 when I grow up)

Until next time, "I'm going to make it do what it do" (words by Chap1978)

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It always comes down to one thing, doesn't it? Build a website with content and functionality that actually captures the appeal of humans, and not just the search engines. It's like the old adage. "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." The search engines can lead people to your site, but it's your job to create enough appeal for them to take a drink.
EXACTLY! Now I'm learning what appeals to the human. I have to step outside of myself and what I want and do what works.It's about making the customer happy.
Having a really great site is a bit like having a really great 1-800 number...

It's definitely a balance between having a great product and promoting that need both.

Of course making it easy for members to invite friends is also important. This is why I have added a "contacts importer" and just now Deano's Facebook Friends inviter.
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