Compose - Notifying options not working!?

shaneed posted 8th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

Hi, maybe i just post somewhere wrong, but i really don't have any clue in what am i missing. I want to make the sending message direction to site's email, and user to be notified by mail about new message which can read it on the website. I checked from Letter Templates in Admin the "Enable new message notification" field, but is not sending any notification, only the message itself in the user's mailbox inside the site. I also tried to check the "Message destination user's choice" field and hide the "both" and "sitemail" options, but the user still needs to check the checkbox for the receiver to be notified about new message. Any idea please? And keep in mind, i would not bother you with this if i was'nt spending 1 day figuring it out. My apologies and thanks in advance for your replies.

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I think your'right there is a problem with this feature. For y part I solved the problem sending message both to site and member email but designed the email template sent to only give the link to inbox.

Maybe I'm wrong and there is another way to do that ?
Yeah, i did the same. But definitely not the best solution. That's why i opened this section. A simple "Send" button with function of notify the receiver about new message in site's inbox, and the message itself to be sent only in the member's mailbox should be just fine. Cause why so much bother for the user to select so many things like "notify to site, personal email, notify by email" is very confusing for the member.

Just send notification that he has a new message on his see more account. Anyone S.O.S!? :)
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