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ladybugn posted 24th of March 2010 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

A few weeks ago I found my content posted in the forums at Plenty of Fish.  Can't blame ol marcus though, it was a member who posted it.   She got it off my site in 2003.  It's still getting traction.  Kind of nice. 

So anyway.     I was going to contact Marcus and see if he can't attribute the source..  I have copies on the Way-Back-Machine showing it was first put up on GrownUps in 2003, he can verify it easily.  But you know, there are no live links to owner on POF?

So then I thought I'd just join, and add a post to the thread with a link.  but then..  that seems..  I dunno.  Any user can make such a claim and start something that could turn silly.   What's a polite way to not rag the site for a members probably innocent error, but protect copyright on my content?  I'd rather validate my claim with the owner personally, and have HIM make the edit and add a credit and link to the post.  

Anyone ideas?

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Normally with most sites they have a copyright infringement process laid out within it's terms and conditions. For example - on my sites I generally require people to write to me at a postal address - outlining the details. This cuts down on those who wish to complain for the sake of just being a nuisance. If people email me - I simply refer them to the terms and conditions. I do have some sites where I accept emails - it just depends on how the site is set up.

My advice - check the terms and see more conditions for POF and see what the specified notification procedure is.

Soooo.... what's the content? I might want to rip it off myself. (For my new site
DeeEmm, I'll go thru the help files and see what I can find. I swear I went all over that place looking, but you're right, it's got to be there.

Long time ago, some lady posted a header from one of my ladybug sites on a graphic artists board. She was trying to hire a graphics designer to copy it for her.

I was SOOO freaked! (I swear it was nothing special, but it was mine dammit) I wrote the forum owner, and it wasn't 20 minutes before he locked the topic, disabled their PMs to each see more other and removed the header and the several mock-ups submitted. Then posted a reminder about copyright issues. I know most site owners are pretty good about such things if you state your case clearly with evidence they can verify. I think charging at someone with a cease and desist is the best way to put them on the defense and start a big hassle.

H.L. lol. sounds like a great name for divorce recovery site.
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