DeeEmm, I'll go thru the help files and see what I can find. I swear I went all over that place looking, but you're right, it's got to be there.

Long time ago, some lady posted a header from one of my ladybug sites on a graphic artists board. She was trying to hire a graphics designer to copy it for her.

I was SOOO freaked! (I swear it was nothing special, but it was mine dammit) I wrote the forum owner, and it wasn't 20 minutes before he locked the topic, disabled their PMs to each see more other and removed the header and the several mock-ups submitted. Then posted a reminder about copyright issues. I know most site owners are pretty good about such things if you state your case clearly with evidence they can verify. I think charging at someone with a cease and desist is the best way to put them on the defense and start a big hassle.

H.L. lol. sounds like a great name for divorce recovery site.
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