Copy cats are every where, best beware.

slimgoody posted 2nd of August 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

I just want to know one thing..... WHY WOULD YOU CREATE A SITE MIMICING ANOTHER SITE? When I see another site being developed I expect something different. I went to the website area and I didn't see too many different websites.Example- All of the sites classified under Facebook. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!  Innovation is what you should be  after. I like being different and I think being different is what sets you apart in this web game.As you can tell I don't want friends just netwroks. BUSINESS is the key, we can be friends later, OR MAYBE NOT!


I just had to state my opinion really quickly, I'm out of here, I have a website to finish building.

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I would bet that 80% of people that download Dolphin, have some sort of dating site, or some disgusting porn site in mind...... as if the world doesn't have enough of those already. Then you have people that want to build a site like myspace. That one, I don't get at all. The less my site resembles myspace, the better. I have a quite simple concept that doesn't involve competing with myspace or facebook. If you try to compete in the same arena as those sites, you won't get very far. It would see more be like walking into Home Depot and asking all the customers to leave and come to your little corner hardware store. If all your little corner hardware store offers, is a whole lot less of the same thing. you have to ask yourself, "Why would people leave Home Depot to visit your little hardware store?" With that said, I don't believe getting people to visit your little store is an inconceivable concept.... as long as you can offer something they can't get anywhere else. You just have to focus on the 'something'.
The "something!" EXACTLY, there has to be a something involved with your website. Alot of people seem to be afraid of their own imagination. Stepping out of the nrm is what makes a millionaire. And Even though I'm creating a music site, you best believe that it has a purpose. Anyone can come and post music and photos, I didn't want that. I wanted my site to have a concept behind it and thats what it has. Copy caters,(Shake my head) They all suck..
Nathan Paton
In the end, only the niche sites survive. All sites that try to mimic the larger social networking and dating sites only fail, usually with a significant financial loss, too.
Andrew Boon
Dolphin is used for all types of ideas, but personally, I'd be happy to see it used for niche communities more. That's where there's a lot opportunity and even need. Sites like "Santa Monica Soccer Mums" or "Sydney Campers" are my personal favourites. Clones, you're right, have little chance of survival.
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