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Project198 posted 19th of May 2009 in Community Voice. 24 comments.

We are going on our 1st week with the site up and running. Being a swinger site its hard to get hit you have to go out and get the people.


We are doing some work with MySpace not sure if its going to pay off. I tell you this is more work then I would have thought (BUT WE LOVE IT)



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This actually sounded like it could be an interesting topic. Then I realized that all you wanted to do was advertise your website. Either that... or you just have really boring days.
Its a Boring day.. I would like to talk to others about Swinger sites and what would be the best setup.
To me, swinging means moving from tree to tree using a hanging vine.
This is not what I was going for.. I wont blog again..
you are more than welcome to blog about whatever you wish to blog about.

houston, were you able to read something that has been removed from the post, that was indicative of this person advertising on this blog?

project, you are more than welcome to post your blogs where you deem them necessary, as long as you are conforming to the rules set by the site developers.

yes a swinging site is very difficult to start up. you have basically got to have a network that would be interested in see more your site, there are a few that are sucessful, and as you stated the work is extensive, and there are only hopes that it can and will pay off.

you are in Ga i presume, as you are sporting the bumble bee?

blog on cat daddy, blog on.

you too houston, keep those posts coming.

Yeah.... it's been edited. I'm ok with it now.
well i would say the NUMBER 1 thing to get visitors is follow the guidelines of Google Seo urls of 2009.

A good URL will always get indexed so if you got
for example : http : www . mydomainname . com

your talking about horses

it should be :
http : www . mydomainname . com / horses
(this is a perfect url in the eyes of google)

rather then :
http : www . mydomainname . com/ 123&pid ...
(that is a ugly URL )

Not only will it be better but you will see a magnificant differance see more on your rating and better chances on reaching a higher rank then being below 10,000 websites ...

Remember tags are not nessary these days as people over the years have abused the system so now they are indexing under the SEO of Gooogle alot more these days ...

this is mentioned all over on the NET.
I thought that the "SEO" urls are "important" only because if someone links to your URL by using your url as the anchor, then you get keywords in the anchor text.

I have some nice results for pages that have horribly long urls (.php?cat=5....etc.). So I am not sure that I think "seo" URLS are a must. But I do, try to use them whenever I can ;).
I will keep the blogs going. Its just been a crazy few days with the software and trying to get stuff done. I have gone as far as I can, Its time to pay a pro to help me do what I cant.

Thank you all
No, you will loose money if you get a pro, cause the moment the PRO fixxes it , there will be another issue after another issue, and boonex needs to fix the bugs cause you will be paying out of your pockets until the cows come home .......

good luck
Well what should I do.. All we want is a nice site. All this is making me re-think about the software
Well what should I do.. All we want is a nice site. All this is making me re-think about the software
Well, which ever software you use will have bugs, none of them are perfect...What I would advise for you to do is hang in there and work on fixing and problems you have to improve your site. Even if your site is up and running, it will be a constant maintenance of it..If you want a nice site, very simple, I had that same problem till I stopped messing around trying to design it myself. I bought a really nice template, inserted my images and my site looks awesome now...I spent weeks messing around see more trying to make the site look good, but somethings you have to hand over to those who know.
You are so right.. We are going to keep going with the software.. We just need to find a nice design and get it going.

Thank you
Bugs, or nobugs, Dolphin 6 is missing some very basic core functionalities. The lack of photo albums and privacy settings top the list of missing core features. Personally, I don't think anyone in their right mind should start a new site with Dolphin 6.1.X.

Dolphin 7 addresses many of the missing features, and for anyone that is seriously comitted to putting a ton of work into a website, will eventually be disappointed with 6.1.X.

I had a site online for two weeks with Dolphin 6.1.4 and that's see more all the longer it took to find out that people I've known for years, would not join a site that didn't have all the privacy settings they demanded. That was 6 months ago. I certainly hope Dolphin 7 in it's final form has been worth waiting for.
There is just so much going on with all this.. We were going to spend around 1500.00 on getting the site up the way we wanted. Looks like now we are going to hold off and see how all this works out with what we have.. Its a WAIT GAME!
Guess we are just in a wait game or go find new software.
Search engine optimization information on the web, so much that it can be intimidating for newer webmasters or those unfamiliar with the topic

SEO in according to the guidelines presented in Google's SEO starter guide, to make Websites more friendly to both users and search engines

resourceful information for all webmasters
Thank you for the info Technoman.
Project, I'm also building an adult community/swinger site and I understand your concerns about getting members. I thought your post was right on by the way. You have every right to post what you did.

I've been in adult for a few years now, mostly blogging and affiliate work. Have a few projects working now and this one is actually the one that is the biggest gamble so to speak.

SEO is definitely part of the equation, but I think there needs to be more done to acquire a good steady membership see more base. I keep racking my head over it as well.

Dolphin may well be the perfect software for this but there seem to be too many bugs with it at moment. I'm hoping 7 is super clean. I don't expect perfection but I do expect some major fixes.
We are going to ad a few mods to our site and wait for 7. No need to spend money right now.
Project198, I'll be doing about the same. Once I get it up and running I'll do some basic things to it for functionality and wait till 7 comes out for a full blown mod and launch.
We are doing a few mods tonight.. Need to keep the site going.. No telling when we will see 7
I also have an adult site with over 400 members and I am running on dolphin 6.1.4. Houston is right, wait for dolphin 7. It will certainly have better features for adult sites and is much of an improvement over Dolphin 6.1.x.
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