December (X-mas) Special!

Andrew Boon posted 29th of November 2010 in Boonex News. 41 comments.

Starting today and through December, we are offering Permanent Dolphin Licenses for $99 (instead of $299). Grab yours while the offer lasts!


90-day and 400-day licenses are temporarily unavailable.


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Best X-mas gift.

I want to buy Dolphin 7.04 with premium package. It looks $998. Do you have any special X-max price for this package?

Andrew Boon
We're changing Premium membership from $120/year to $99/year and removing 1 month and 3 months membership.

There's no special on new Prime, because most of its components cost us a lot in supporters commissions.
Nathan Paton
@premolar: I take it you are referring to prime, since premium only costs $20.00/month.
and wheres the x-mas special news for trident?
$99 for existing user (upgrade) as well?
I think you should throw in a bottle of Rum as further incentive.
Andrew Boon
Yeah, a bottle of bundy and Wallabies cap as a bonus - would nicely turn all clients into a loud crowd of yobbos cheering for a new release every friday.
First, it's not X-mas ... it's JUST CHRISTMAS .. I wish change it in your post

Second, I'm member from 2007 year ago and test, work and develop sites by dolphin script for my clients but Unfortunately, I use 10% from boonex services only because I could not pay by paypal (paypal not support my country [Syria]) I requested in more than posts in this site for support other pay way as like or pay by credit directly (without mediator) and received promise but Unfortunately, without see more do ... anyway I'm request this again and I wish from boonex manger look for this ,

thank you for read
Andrew Boon
You may pay by wire transfer. Paypal also accepts credit cards, without need to register a PP account.
@houstonlively: Very funny. And yes, they can add extra bottles.
thats great only I JUST UPGRADED MY LICENSES!!!! Doh!

Never mind, still worth losing the 90days on each site to gain a lifetime of Dolphin memories :-) ...
Great price.

How about an offer for us that already have a permanent license? :p Heh
I bought mine for 299.00 last week and a ton of modules. This hurts to see...Is there any way you could give me a little Christmas Spirit? Thanks for the consideeration...I could put the savings toward more modules...
Great package offers but unfortunately we cannot afford the moment as we are students but will surely think off once i finish my collage

Nathan Paton
This isn't good. I now need to decide between:

Ben NanoNote: $99

Permanent License: $99

I'll need to converse amongst my seven personalities and make a formal decision before the end of next month.
I'm Jewish but I'll take this gift!

Thank you from all our stoners, Stay higH!
@Andrew Boon : thank you Andrew for your response , Unfortunately, wire transfer need to big fee, and I know paypal allow pay by credit but the problem it's not allow the payments from Syria banks so I request other pay way .. anyway, thank you again for your replay and I wish look for this and do it if you can :)

best regards
Andrew Boon
You may submit a wire for the purchase amount and we'll take up the transaction fee.
Thats unfortunate. i recently purchase the licence by paying $299, This offer should also be valid for purchase made in last one month. Dear Boon are you have something to offer for Iphone or andrid app.

Permanent Dolphin License (your verbiage) = Unlimited Dolphin License (license page verbiage)?

As a newbie, it would be wonderful if:
- License names are used consistently
- Clear distinction is made between (Dolphin) Licenses & (Unity) Memberships & Packages

Got confused trying to understand differences these things when they're referred to as Basic, Advanced, Premium, Unlimited, Prime, etc.

Also, where can I find out more information about these features of Unlimited License:
- see more Optional mobile apps rebranding
- Optional installation service
- Not affected by pricing changes
- 30-days money-back guarantee

Andrew Boon
Thanks for bringing it up - we should really make it more consistant.

Permanent, in this case is Unlimited. Perhaps permanent is the correct terms, since it's only "unlimited time", not unlimited domains, for example.

Permanent license doesn't include mobile apps re-branding license or installation, but you may purchase them separately and add to your order. Not affected by pricing changes - this is simply implied from the fact that it is permanent, therefore you wouldn't have to see more bother if the license price ever goes up again.
Any chance you'll pro-rate my recently purchased 400 day license? This is a killer deal, wish I would have waited.
Andrew Boon
submit a ticket via support area please
Yeah I'm with copxchange, I just purchased on Thanksgiving... any love left? I would love to spend the refund on 2 more Permanent Licenses. Great software by the way... I'm loving it.

All your answers can be found at the link below... all except 30 day Money Back Guarantee, but that's just what it says... if within 30 days you don't like it, they'll give you your money back.

You shouldn't need much more explanation... but if you do they have an "Ask a Question" button there as well =)
Finally a very very good news. You can participate in the forum!
I had the impression of being forbidden to discuss!
Missing more than lowering the price of "OO" and I'd be a happy man! ;)
@Andrew Boon : really thank you, I think this is reasonable solution :)

best regards
great i like this software very much im so glad its $99 there is no way i could of raised $299 it was just not possible thankyou be getting it soon
You have always been kind to everybody around you, every single year.. Thanks for everything you do!
Thank you so much for bringing the cost down...I just bought Boonex...I have been looking at buying this at the start of the year, but man $99 MERRY XMAS EVERYBODY.
Well darn, we've just paid $299 last week as well I don't even know when we paid for it, 3 or 4 days ago.
Sad we just forked out the full $299 a few days before this offer :(
thnx for the xmas ;)
99$ best deal ever
Je veux acheter Dolphin 7,04 avec pack premium. Il semble 998 $
je possède plusieur nom de domaine (20) avec ce pack premium je pourrais donc creer un nombre de site web illimité oui ou non ?
I want to buy Dolphin 7,04 with premium pack. He(it) seems 998 $
I possess to plusieur name of domain ( 20 ) with this premium pack I could thus creer a number of unlimited Web site yes or not?
Andrew Boon
Just post a presale ticket at Support section or via contact form, please.
PLEASE - can you extend this to a January sales offer...

Christmas is tight enough as it is without spending on my own projects!
If you can extend this then I may be back for a handful of licenses which will also push me to keep building more Boonex sites...

If not, then it's gonna be pruning time on my websites after Christmas...

Hello Mr Andrew Boon
I have been trying to purchase this Dolphin Licenses but the problem is that i am facing a problem everytime how to PAY. Will Paypal does not work for many countries including our country Lebanon, so no way to pay thru paypal even if i use my Credit card. Last time I used Wire Transfer it was on Feb 2010 when i purchased the 400 days License, I used Xoom wire transfer who did the transfer, BUT today i found Xoom stopped all transfers from any country except US. they only accept see more transfers from US to Australia. So everything is Blocked to pay or purchase any thing from Boonex website.
If you can suggest any website who can do the wire transfer to Australia please let me know cause i tried to search many on the net but could not find.
I am facing a problem to buy any Mods from Boonex cause most are using Paypal.
I hope as long as you are upgrading and improving the Boonex software it is very important to gain lots of new members who are facing same problem, to find a new method of payment for many countries who are rejected in many websites of payment.
I Recommend if it is possible if you can add Western Union cause it is fast and easy to use for those who cannot use wire transfer and paypal.
I am wasting my time days and days searching on the internet to fine who can transfer money :(
I am still searching if i can find a way to transfer money.

I hope you will find us a solution ASAP.
Thank you
Paul Messarra
Beirut Lebanon
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