Does anyone feel they have "momentum" with D7?

CALTRADE posted 8th of July 2010 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

I'm not going to make a long post - Boonex has hidden the member blogs, and half of them get deleted anyway, but I do want to pose a question.  How many members here feel they have "momentum" with their D7 sites?  Momentum is a mysterious quality - in a Football game, there will often be a point where it just "feels" like one team is winning - even if they are down in the score.  Does anyone here feel like they have momentum with their sites?  i.e.  Are you growing in members?  Is your site getting better content?   Is it getting better technically?  Sometimes with Internet ventures you will hear the word "traction" used for this, but I think they mean pretty much the same thing.   If your D7 site has momentum, would you mind sharing some secrets as how you got there.  If your site does not have momentum, why do you think that is?

This is not a baited question - I really want to know.  I would like to emulate the people who are successful here, and avoid the mistakes of those who are not yet successful.

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Well in this of year people are going out of the house, not so many times behind their PC's .
So its not strange that the visiters are lower then in the winter time.

Lijke if its a cold summer people are going to come to the Internet faster then when its hot .
Nathan Paton
I provide community services for niche communities that have no alternative. Basically, it's only my service that they can turn to. I wouldn't really call that being successful as much as strangling the competition to death before they can get anywhere near a stable footing.

D6 was working really well for me. Then I made the mistake of upgrading to D7.

Momentum - momentum is a pendulum in life on many adventures, if you were continuously on the upswing, then you would be working with a malfunctioned mechanism.

Progress - progress is measured in many different factions, if your site is sitting stale, and you are not continuously on top of what you are providing as a service to the community you have targeted, then your progress can see a slow down. you get out of a dynamic site as much as you put into it.

Successful - this is a catch 22 inquiry see more here. success is measured in a multitude of parameters. is your site a hobby, or are you in fact posturing as a business entity? in either case, the success would be something attributable to a time-line, how were you doing 3, 6, or 9 months previously, going back in history how were you doing 12 or 24 months ago. the analysis of your data compiled and assessed will lead you to some obvious discoveries.

Dolphin 7 - i dont know that dolphin 7 would inhibit or prohibit growth of a web entity. there are other factors here that are directly related. what are you doing for internet marketing? just because you launch a website, there are no flock waiting for the url to appear in their browser so they can quickly join any given new site.

2k character limit got me......
Better Technically - this is certainly two prong, and should be addressed by any and all who have dealt with dolphin as their social networking platform for any given period of time. are you as the site owner getting better technically, then moreso, what have to done to advance your actual community? if you are sitting waiting on the developers to provide you with a full scale means of obtaining an income, then you might find that you and your site are growing stagnate.

Better Content - this is see more 100% completely the responsibility of the site owner, and your content is only as good as the community to which you are serving such content. new content on a daily basis, which is proprietary to your community may be somewhat difficult to come up with and will require full dedication and concentration. relying on RSS feeds or others to provide your site with daily content could prove to be a waste of time, unless you are in fact paying authors for their research and knowledge. most sites that have daily updates are in fact responsible for an entire staff of technical writers.

Members Growing - based on the bullet points from above, if you are achieving and progressing, then your membership growth will follow.

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