Dolphin 6.1.1 & RMS 3.5.1

hd4real posted 16th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 9 comments.
So, I think I finally have RMS 3.5.1 working on my server. My only problem now is that my Ray widgets do not load. This happens with Adfree & Free 6.1.1 version. I really want to get my sites up and running. At this moment I wish I was an expert coder Cool
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You have to configure Ray to use the IP of your RMS and change ports to 1935 and 5080
Splinter, I have that set in both the Adfree & Free setup
Ray 3.5.1 does not run on ports 1935 and 5080. this needs to be set to 10000 and 10080. there was some sort of glitch or so i am told with the Ray 3.5. i will post back as i am going to apply the patch this evening and see what that blows up.

DosDawg, That is incorrect.

The only reason boonex has 10000 and 10080 in the base, is they were running 3.1 and 3.5 (like we are ) on the same servers, and you cannot run 2 versions on the same server using the same ports.


You need to be sure to configure the files in each of the widgets webapps dir correctly, and it must contain the host ip:port


I guess i'm just going to pay for installation. This is to much headache for a non coder.
I am having this issue after an upgrade as well. I left the settings at default (to use Boonex RMS) and checked the check box as advised in the upgrade instructions. Still getting an error saying can't connect and the video, music players all say not registered. Please help... Thanks guys.
Im having this issue too... thanks
I use a hosting service, and not an expert coder and when I use the check the box to use rms it tells me it cannot connect and when my widgets do not load. Any help?
I am having a problem with the music dragging like its a tape being eaten by a tape playe wether i use RMS or uncheck it any suggestions? <<site if u want to see what i mean if that will help
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