Dolphin 7.0.5 Beta. Final refinements before a major update.

Andrew Boon posted 25th of January 2011 in News. 31 comments.

We continue polishing the 7.0.x line in anticipation of the next big leap. We need to equip you with a really stable version before doing anything for 7.1. Thus, Dolphin 7.0.5 is about to be released and today we present a BETA version of it.


Before saying anything else...

DO NOT USE THIS VERSION ON LIVE SITES! This is a Beta release, not intended for production deployment. There will be no upgrade packs from this beta to the stable version and there may be more Beta updates.

Now, when you know that you shouldn't use Dolphin 7.0.5b1 on your real/live sites, download it, test it and let is know what you think.


Download Dolphin 7.0.5 BETA 1 (not production-ready version, for testing only)

Check out online demo on Dolphin 7.0.5 BETA 1

Report your findings at Dolphin BETAs and RCs forum


Notable updates:

- Facebook integration module rewritten

- Video recording fixed, quality improved. There're some known issues with "preview" function that we're working on.

- Auto-reconnect for MySQL connections. "MySQL server has gone away" problem.

- No more wrapped columns in Page Builder, thanks to corrected calculations.

- Fixed Page Builder issues in Safari and Chrome.

- Added "delete" function to page builder. ;)

- Albums pagination fixed.

- Date format unified across the site (except for DOB).

- 3rd party plugins updated.

- Speed optimisations.

- Security Fixes.

- Other minor fixes.


71 tickets closed so far. Any new entries?

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Nathan Paton
"71 tickets closed so far. Any new entries?"

That sounds like a challenge.
wish i could give you a million points for that comment...
This time go slow but plz plz release a stable one...
no couples in leaders
Nathan Paton
Did you read what AlexT posted in that topic?
hi when will we see this major update any timescale please many thanks
Minor refinement

-In facebook connect module, the connection retrieves the Hometown and not the Current Location (which sounds more reasonable as data). Apart from that in doesn't retrieve the Country.
Medium Refinement

-In facebook connect module, administrator should have the option to also save a user's facebook-retrieved photo (medium sized) to the albums, in the case of automatic redirection to other page than the cropping tool!
2.Need Google Connect in Join module too
3.after join > select avatar > wouldnt it be good to add "Networks here" FB, twitter etc
4.join > select avatar > add networks > inviter > Auto post to networks > welcome message [I hope this is the right path]
5.How do i share Agua De beber to fb,twitter etc
6.Nice topic here...
but see more no one knows its here..[share!?]

7.i want boonex to inject a viral social engagements to make it more lively, hi5, adultfriendfinder and many websites promotes something or the other in every pageload...

Boonex please update the social sharing with other communities in next upgrade

8.Comments plugin is very old... adapt echo, disqs kinda comment engine
9.wall should grow smarter like posterous :)

sorry this is too much feedback.. still members cant live without all these...
Google analytics in admin?
Alexa Siteaudit?
installation of installing the beta version is 7.0.5 boonex wonder if the old files before it can be a mistakeDid he

Dolphin 7.0.4
Extensions (0)
Update to null
Nathan Paton
The version number isn't changed until the final release.

My company is considering using Dolphin for a site we're going to develop. I was wondering if there are any definitive dates about when the stable 7.0.5 version and then the 7.1 version will be released?

I'd love to have the cupid function customizable, for say.... less than dating elements. To let the admin panel change from what sex, height and tax bracket, to a thousand other things people can be, astrology, mayan astrology, pet owner, trade field (doctor, lawyer, IT, consultant) favorite all kinds of things. So that we could make the cupid notices match our type of community.
Does this mean there isn't going to be a 7.0.6 release?
I have some 7.0.5 video comment issues -
This ticket is of high importance:

Users returning from PayPal to a blank page without being able to modify it is a defect not an enhancement.

Will it be fixed in 7.0.5?
During registration most mobile phone users have a problem with the date of birth field. Can you please make it compatible with mobile phones?
I got problem with member bar menu i need an stable version that works with out any problems.
Everytime i upgrade is something new wrong with the website.
A need a optimal server settings list.

My server have manys Apache2 100% CPU utilization... but on my site only 4 users are online... thats bad!!!
Nathan Paton
getting backslashes in profile text fields like "this" would be \"this\"

I tried turning off magic quotes no help

how can I get these backslashes to stop appearing in the profile fields when people enter Quoutes "

Facebook connect is the first thing on your list of updates? Surely fixing the search is the main thing!

Simplest definition.

Is the person you are looking for a smoker?


If you choose Occasionally/Socially then it should still find a smoker in this particular search - This is not happening. Your script will blank this field altogether and unless the person you are searching for has selected Occasionally/Socially it will blank the smokers and for that matter see more none smokers from the search results and just display those that picked Occasionally/Socially.

The only way around it is to have


This is not ideal and limits the entire search to just a yes/no question and severely disabling the results found.

We need to incorporate a simple default system which will in actuality just SKIP the question whilst showing everyone in that particular search.

Maybe it just needs to add a variable of 1 to Yes and a 1 to No and a 1 to Occasional/Social to show everyone?

I have tried to explain a simple problem simply :-) hope I have succeeded.

Best wishes

I have a suggestion for Boonex. Next time you post a update on the software release, maybe you should lock the post. I see a lot of people are using this post to state their bugs or errors they have found with this release, even after they were asked to post in forums. Seems this is only way people will see and understand what you are posting.....Just an idea..
will the loading speed go faster? i mean reduce time when they load mind kinda slow to load
Emma VPP
hi thanks so much for all that you guys do, I have a suggestion for the next Dolphin can you add a developers platform like facebook coz we are looking at some flashing out facebook and DOLPHIN WILL STAND no problem with what ever URL or site name it will's come and go and DOLPHIN software coming
Emma VPP
lol that does not sound right lol ok here we go ... I have a suggestion for the next Dolphin can you add a developers platform ...
networking sites come and go like myspace was now it's facebook we hope the next one will come from Boonex "Dlophin" here is one that's try yah and hope for the best.
please make a better Iphone APP with the signup function and chat before work on the android app
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