Dolphin 7.0.x Links Page M.I.A

clubbeyourself posted 18th of June 2010 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

Hey everyone,

Just noticed that Dolphin 7.0.x Links Page is M.I.A (That's missing in action) Or Should that be M.A.G (Missing and Gone)...  Anyways, was just an observation.  I was about to add a link for a friends site to one of my sites and ooops, where is it.. Not there.

Is there any particular reason that Boonex took this function out?

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Nathan Paton
BoonEx replaced the links page with the sites module.
The sites module is ok but the site photos take up too much room. My main concern is the fact that this is now a 'Block' where previously it was a 'Tab' menu item. I don't want the sites module on my home page.
So then remove the sites block from the home page in builders -page builders- select home page from the drop down and move the block to inactive.
Nathan Paton
@Stuart038: Just remove the block item from the front page, as there is a link to it by default in the navigation menu. Or, you can add its browse page to the bottom menu and remove it from the navigation menu.
Hi Magnus, thanks for that. I will try it out!
Can we please have the links page back?
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