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gatek33per posted 22nd of April 2010 in Community Voice. 1 comment.

I'm not the best writer or blogger, but I thought I'd write a blog about my experiences with Dolphin 7 so far.

Overall I would have to Rate it 8 out of 10 on a scale. In terms of offering everything a social networking site or dating site should offer in one complete package. In terms of functions and management. It is in fact, pretty easy to manage. I wouldn't say it would be easy for someone who has no knowledge of hosting a website or technical skills in HTML,Server Functions, and PHP, unless you plan on hiring  someone to admin your site.

There are alot of issues that I have that I'm not happy about. Mainly the "Video Commenting" Recording function. This in itself should be something that should be fixed right away. Obviously Youtube has become a hit overnight for a reason.. The functions of video upload and being able to video blog. The video recording feature completely is buggy and lacks the quality that it should.

The video webcam feature however is great and streams amazingly.. Imagine that!!

I am a first time user to Dolphin and so far I am pleased. I've gotten some help from the forums or at least being able to be pointed in the right direction. The support on Dolphin I feel is a bit lacking from the Dolphin Staff itself.. Although I can't state this completely accurately due to I haven't really had to contact them except on a few occasions.

More to come later!


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you hit some valid points if you have never had any interaction with linux,jscript,php,mysql,json, or xml, xhtml,rpc,xslt, or any scripting language, you are going to find dolphin hard to deal with

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