Errors on Expertzzz Beta 5

Saks posted 4th of February 2008 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

Hello everyone,

First of all congratulations for this wonderful UNITY base ! And now to the real issue.

Expertzzz Beta 5 is looking great. But with the upgrade I found out that some of the features were not working: So here is what has gone wrong:

1) When I click on search, an AJAX loader loads, that turns the background gray - similar to when login box is about to appear - but after that nothing appears !! THe search page or BOX does not appear. I can not search

2) Secondly, in orders administration 2 things are not working

            a) The ADD MANUALY link on the right coliumn ...

            b) And the More Link that follows every transaction.

It loads a grey page, again like in search issue and a very long url is displayed - NOTHING HAPPENS.

Please look into this as I found that no one has yet pointed this out.


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And yeah ! I forgot to mention im USING 1E7 - has my browser something to do with it ?
Hi Saks,

Thank you for your notices. We will check this up ASAP and I will report once they are fixed.
and make sure the upload for photo's is fixed also.
everytime i try to upload a photo it say's upload failed.or it won't load at all.
also 404 not found on docz
Thank you Victor, I have a couple people who pourchased mods waiting for activation on expertzzz for these mods.

Thank you
Thanks for your reply Victor. It's our duty to report such things as u guys have been doing such a great job ! BUT i hope its fixed soon. Im having the same problem as Simion. =P

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