Expertzzz: Separate D7 modz area please.

cbassthefish posted 18th of July 2009 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

I know that Boonex and Expertzzz are run by the same people and so I thought I would pitch this proposal here. When Dophin 7 is a eventaually finalised, could we have a separate D7 mods area on Expertzzz? I get tired of having to look up mods on Expertzzz, only to find they are for older verisons of Dolphin. I think things are only going to get worse and more cluttered with D7. What do you think? Comments pleasezzz :o) 


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I agree. The layout, search abilities, messaging system, and organization is crap over there.

However, i believe i read somewhere that once they switch this site to D7 then expertzzz will be merged into this site. I am not certain about that though.
I think its possible, but then there must be a strong moderation..
In what what would it have to be moderated? I just wondered if we could have a separate section for Dolphin 7 stuff. That is all :o)
Peace and Out :o)
At one time i thought about setting up my own site for the selling of dolphin mods only. Basically a replacement for expertzzz for just dolphin specific stuff.

But that idea stayed in my head for about 10 seconds. Because i also had another thought. No one would use it, so i said screw it.
I always have those type of thoughts, but as happened to you all the other voices come a calling. :o)
That Expertzzz site is shocking, about 90% of the mods are terrible/spam or don't exist any more! There is no search function, poor categorisation and no moderation. It would be great to get all Dolphin 7 support/modules/plugins in a separate user friendly area of this site I agree.
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