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BoonEx is the leading community, dating and social networking software provider with more than 50K customers from all over the world. And, as a part of the Partners and Affiliates programs expansion, BoonEx offers great opportunities for web-developers and web-designers, service providers, translators, technical support specialists, PR-managers and Mass Media, webmasters, and many more.. Find yourself, and there is always a way to apply to this!

Dolphin 7 is an open source and full-featured platform for creating a wide range of community, dating, social and business networking sites.

This article outlines the ways (we will call them "reveals" later in this article) where you can apply yourself appropriately to work and build your own business.


First reveal - You are a developer, you know PHP, MySQL, jQuery libraries, AJAX, etc. You have experience working with Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.

Dolphin 7 has become very flexible in terms of extensions and modules development for it. At this stage you need to come up with an original/unique idea for your extension or module for Dolphin, develop it in the most quality way and post it in the Unity Market for sale.

It is even better if you supply further support and upgrades for the extension/module. This would make your customers feel confident in working with you in future.

Now you are on your way to earning high sales and a good reputation among the BoonEx community as a developer.

The docs, extensions and modules requirements are supplied by the BoonEx Team in Trac sections. Using these, you can be sure that your development proceeds correctly and according to standards.


Second reveal - You are a web-designer, you have good skills in designing presentations of web-pages in Photoshop, you know markup and style sheet languages, and have experience in client-and-server side scripting and multimedia technologies (Flash).

Dolphin 7 offers one default template. This is where you are given the advanced facilities to make different and exclusive looks and feels of your Dolphin templates and/or Flash Apps. There is also a demand for other design services you can offer, such as logo development, promo blocks and other elements inside Dolphin. The ideas are limited by your imagination only.

Now YOU are on your way to earning high sales and good reputation among the BoonEx community as web-designer.


Third reveal - You are a service provider, you have services which may be integrated with Dolphin based sites. These are just rough examples -- services for sending SMS from site to mobile phones, new payment gateway to pay for services or purchase on/through Dolphin based sites, featured subscriptions for feeds from other sites, etc.

These kinds of service integrations are discussed with BoonEx representatives directly with a further deal on a partnership basis. The integration module for these services is often included in the main download package of Dolphin or featured under the BoonEx Partner label/section of Unity Market.


Fourth reveal - You are a translator, you speak two or more languages, including English, even if it is not your native language or otherwise it may be.

Dolphin 7 is an English speaking "mammal" but it would definitely like to speak other languages. You can spend some time and make a really good translation of the Dolphin language file into other languages and offer them in the Unity Market for sale.

So, having different language files for Dolphin available (kept updated) makes your store in the Unity Market one of the most visited. Instructions to accomplish the translation are available in Trac.


Fifth reveal - You are a PR-manager having great relations with Mass Media or even in other PR-agencies, or you are the Mass Media on your own, you have established communication channels and/or huge network where you can spread and place information and ads engaging customers in.

You are welcome to become a BoonEx Affiliate and earn 5% commission from all your referrals when they pay BoonEx. You can track your affiliate account performance, conversions, commissions and payouts.


Sixth reveal - You are a webmaster, you specialize in technical advice on website development, content development, keyword search and SEO training, and you have expertize on how to arrange and structure contents of the site from the first steps of building it. Finally, you know how to monetize your achievements, as well.

Dolphin 7 has everything you need for your purpose. Take it and create new website. Make it the number one site in your local area, in your city, country or all over the world. One day you won't notice that you beat Facebook or Myspace!


Seventh reveal - You are a technical support specialist, you know how to install web-scripts, configure servers and user sides of them, you know how to apply mods and hacks, you know how to configure and administer hosting servers on different OS platforms, you may optimize server load balancing along with other server tweaks.

You may offer your services to install and configure Dolphin, apply mods and tweak the server configurations to run the site smoothly. There is a huge demand in Unity for such services.


Eighth reveal - The conclusion. We have shown you different ways you may apply yourself and start earn more today. No matter whether you are an individual working as a Developer or a group of people accomplishing together several instances of the above. You are welcome to become a BoonEx Partner, BoonEx Affiliate or work in Unity independently. Be proactive and creative! Good Luck!

If you have questions, need help or look for more options contact me Victor.Trunov@boonex.com

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Victor, how is it that you become a boonex partner. also i have some question in regards to your affiliate program, because it doesnt work sir. this was discussed with you. still waiting to figure out what types of referals are qualified and non-qualified. so presently i would be interested in the boonex partner on multiple levels.

Hi Victor, I have already made payment of the permanent license and installation, I hope you will contact us soon. A greeting
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