Fast Install (CHMOD Step)

Darkcloud4491 posted 13th of January 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

Ok to do the Fast CHMOD step for Dolphin 7 you need ssh acces from your host and Putty

step 1: Login to putty (need to connect to your sites IP on port 22[or what ever your hosts SSH port is])

step 2: Enter the command "cd public_html"

step 3: Enter the Command chmod -v 666 ./modules/boonex/profiler/log/profiler.log ./inc/ ./flash/modules/global/xml/config.xml./flash/modules/board/xml/config.xml ./flash/modules/board/xml/langs.xml ./flash/modules/board/xml/main.xml./flash/modules/board/xml/skins.xml ./flash/modules/chat/xml/config.xml ./flash/modules/chat/xml/langs.xml./flash/modules/chat/xml/main.xml ./flash/modules/chat/xml/skins.xml ./flash/modules/im/xml/config.xml ./flash/modules/im/xml/langs.xml ./flash/modules/im/xml/main.xml./flash/modules/im/xml/skins.xml./flash/modules/mp3/xml/config.xml ./flash/modules/mp3/xml/langs.xml ./flash/modules/mp3/xml/main.xml./flash/modules/mp3/xml/skins.xml ./flash/modules/video/xml/config.xml ./flash/modules/video/xml/langs.xml./flash/modules/video/xml/main.xml ./flash/modules/video/xml/skins.xml ./flash/modules/desktop/xml/config.xml./flash/modules/desktop/xml/langs.xml ./flash/modules/desktop/xml/main.xml ./flash/modules/desktop/xml/skins.xml./flash/modules/global/data/integration.dat ./flash/modules/global/xml/main.xml ./flash/modules/video_comments/xml/config.xml./flash/modules/video_comments/xml/langs.xml ./flash/modules/video_comments/xml/main.xml /flash/modules/video_comments/xml/skins.xml./flash/modules/photo/xml/config.xml ./flash/modules/photo/xml/langs.xml ./flash/modules/photo/xml/main.xml ./flash/modules/photo/xml/skins.xml


Step 4: Enter the command chmod -v 777 inc backup cache cache_public langs media/ap media/images media/images/banners media/images/blog media/images/classifieds media/images/membership media/images/profile media/images/profile_bg media/images/promo media/images/promo/original plugins/htmlpurifier/standalone/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer plugins/htmlpurifier/standalone/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/HTML plugins/htmlpurifier/standalone/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/CSS plugins/htmlpurifier/standalone/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Test plugins/htmlpurifier/standalone/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/URI flash/modules/board/files flash/modules/chat/files flash/modules/photo/files flash/modules/im/files flash/modules/mp3/files flash/modules/video/files flash/modules/video_comments/files flash/modules/global/app/ffmpeg.exe media/app

step 5*: Enter the command chmod 777 -v tmp plugins/htmlpurifier/standalone/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer/HTML plugins/htmlpurifier/standalone/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer/CSS plugins/htmlpurifier/standalone/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer/Test plugins/htmlpurifier/standalone/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer/URI media/app


*Not for Step 5: This will CHMOD and Files that Step 4 missed. This might need to be changed to match what files your server missed (if any) so dont say i made an error when I posted.


Step 6: at the end of the installation run  chmod 555 -v inc and all the install CHMODing has been done. Hope this makes the installation of dolphin alot faster for you. :)


step 7:

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this information is all well and good, however, this will not work on every installation that is out there. and many people are not aware of different setups and configurations, regardless if they have ssh access or not.

step 1. NOTE, not all ssh is on port 22, port 22 is the default port, and depending on the sys admins liking, this could very well be some other port, raises the need to contact your hosting service provider to verify they are on the default port of 22 for ssh connections.

step see more 2: Enter the command "cd public_html" NOTE this is also depending on the servers setup and configuration, and not all will be sucessful with this change directory command. you will need to know the root path of your dolphin install /var/usr/local/public_html/youraccount
and if you are installed on a subdirectory you will need to hit that subdirectory as well.

step 4: NOTE not all setups allow for chmod 777 on ffmpeg.exe, would need to inquire of your hosting service provider as to whether you are to run 777 or 755 for the ffmpeg.exe.

General NOTE: if you have VPS or Dedicated, make sure you are logged in as the user when you do your installation as well, because this can throw a monkey wrench in the game.


darkcloud thanks for the post, and this is something that needs to be updated in Trac and wiki as well.
another thing is that some hosts use /www/ or /htdocs/ or /yoursite/htdocs/
guys with step 2 if you have a dedicated server you will have to do a 'su <user>' else you will have problems
just to go back to this, if you use the suphp handler you only need to CHMOD ffmpeg.exe
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