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lrepton posted 25th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 10 comments.

When people post into the Forums, it would be helpful to know what Version of the software they are using and whether it is installed in the root or subdirectory/folder in the root URL.

Also if they have performed a fresh/new install or if they updated to the latest version with a Patch.

Perhaps an addition of a signature (where these items could be placed) would solve this issue.

My two cents worth.

V6.1.1 (Most stable)


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lrepton, you are asking for a lot. half of these people dont know what root or subdirectory mean. let alone what version they have installed, nor do they know what there server settings are. most all fail to read the wiki files on how this should be installed and what type of server it should be installed on. but good luck with the suggestion.

i still think an IQ test before they can click download is the best option.

humor guys humor.
i dont think you are too far off sammie you remember the post where the young lady was looking for her button to install her social network website. so there really are all kinds who come in here and download this file, and have no clue, you hear me, no clue what they are doing. then of course, and sammie i am going to steal your limelight, they run out and get $1.99 hosting. rock on, you could barely host wordpress on $1.99 hosting, and these people dont read any server requirements, and if they see more do read, or half read, they have no understanding. but thats why we are here is to guide them along and make this a dynamic community, and just try to maintain our patience with those who are less fortunate, or as i have classified them, technologically challenged.

When people post "Help me" as the subject of their is ridiculous. How in the world can anyone browse the topics to see if it is something they are looking for?

Something specific in your subject title please people!
It would be helpful to the many folks who look to these forums for solutions to similar issues, if, once you solved it, post the solution so that others might benefit from your toil and sweat..
There should be able to make posts "sticky" at he top of forums as in other forums.

Seems it would help greatly.
Hopefully in the future, Boonex will use moderators (who don't abuse their privileges) that can keep topics on track and give "good karma" points to those people who give positive feedback and direction and do not start or continue personal attacks on users of the forum.
Please post one question per post...when you post a list, it looks as though you haven't searched the forum for any answers.
And also search and research their issue/problem before posting .....
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