Found the missing link (voice recording)

LightWolf posted 25th of February 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

Okay guess what. I tried the video chat and it works but no voice. I tried it with my headset and mic, and woohoo I got voice. So i went over to make a video profile and woohoo i got voice. So it seems that with the video chat and video recorder it will not record sounds without my headset. It does not seem to like the voice recorder in my webcam. I hope this helps others to be able to inform their users to use head sets or separate mics when voice recording or using video chat.

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Nathan Paton
I'm sure people would have figured this out allot sooner if headsets were still the current technology.

"10-4, good buddy. I'll be back in around twenty minutes, need to recharge this radio. Over and out."
There are some flash settings you can try. When you start recording right click on the flash window. A flash properties box should popup. There you can change what flash uses for a webcam and mic

You may also want to check your audio settings in windows or whatever os you use and see if your webcam mic is set as the default mic.

This may be just a matter of the system defaulting to the built in audio system
I tried that hon, nothing worked for me.
make sure your RMS ports are open on server - I had same problem and I find out I had those ports closed...
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