Google Maps for Dolphin

kolimarfey posted 1st of February 2008 in Community Voice. 8 comments.
It is my first blog posts where I want to describe my Google Maps modifications and plugins for Dolphin 6.x

I have the following mods:

Also I have other intersting modifications for Dolphin, you can check them here:

Live demo is available here:

That is all, also in the near future I will release Google Maps for Groups.
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I'm already using Google maps in user profile and on index page... There are great mods :-)
The support provided by kolimarfey is great too, friendly and very fast :-)
I will soon buy and comment Google maps in user account too ;-)
Hey kolimarfey, I'm interested in using this great mod, but I was wondering can the 'Google maps for events' be modified to show points of interest posted by members eg. restaurants, meeting places etc...any comments greatly appreciated..
I have installed the mod, but the google map api does not save thus shows an error stating that the api is already used on another site because its blank. On the block where I put the api number, its blank everytime i reopen it. Any Ideas???? Gracias
Hey kolimarfey

I really need to speak to you if I can, within the next week. I'd really like to hear from you, this could be really significant.

I'm sure you get a tremendous amount of email and requests for you to work on projects and so I wanted to assure you that I have a genuine need for your services and I'm in a position to pay more than a fair market rate for your services.

I recently sold my company, My Real Place to (a Canadian competitor to Yellow Pages) see more generating over $100m in revenue per year.

I'm by no means ridiculously rich, but I can pay and have a track record of selling companies I create.

Here's a couple of clips of me and My Real Place on TV.

Look forward to hearing from you. By the way, I'm from the UK but now live in Vancouver, Canada and I lived in Melbourne for 6 months in 1998.

Hope you're well.

Take care


I'm using the lastest version of Dolphin and I dont seem to have the page: admin/pageComposer.php

Any ideas??
This is a great plugin. Works very well, and great support. Purchase and use it, everything works great.
I need my app rebranded, can you contact me at
how to use it for dolphin 7? i want to build it with my website, but i dont know how to buid.
Can you help me?
My email:
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