Gripes about Dolphin

happy_caps posted 4th of August 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

So, I have started on my 1st install for myself of dolphin and the 3rd install overall. Used dolphin for a chairity and 2 friends websites and for the most part enjoyed the way it works.

To the gripes part. I hate the Orca forum. It's buggy as hell! The groups section needs more options such as folders for files, pics, etc and a way to add more limits as to what one can see in the group until they join. Like say photos.  now you don't need to be joined to the group to see the photos in the group. The videos section of the site takes what seems like forever to start playing after hitting play. (would rather have it saying buffering then nothing at all till it fully loads) Most people that have used it think its broken. last and not least, would like it if the pages loaded faster. I know this is ISP/server host subjective but, I am on a high speed internet and the script is on a private server with a crapload of ram and it still moves slow.

Last thing is about unity it says I have a advanced membership yet I cant post to the forums.. No, I have not contacted anyone about this cause I really have no clue who that would be.


Of course I complain about these things and am moving from a phpfox install to this.


Ok, my rant is over. If anyone has any thoughts about what i posted here. feel free to send me a message or whatever.

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In regards to speed, we have been promised that 7.0.3 (which should come out any day now) should be a bit faster.

In regards to your ability to post in forums, I would choose an agent (if you haven't done this already) and message him/her.
I would message all agents. Mine takes a month.
Nathan Paton
If you harass them via Skype, they may actually respond. Shocking, I know. Well, if they're on, anyways.
Thanks to everyone for the advice.
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