How Dolphin can comptetite with joomla

selo12 posted 10th of May 2009 in Community Voice. 8 comments.


Why do people use Dolphin?
Mostly I guess..
Before someone starts using Dolphin they were looking for a software were they could express their
feelings wether it is a business or a personal page, hoby etc..
And thi
s, also their first Dolphin based website is their main purpose of using Dolphin and everyone want it to be
different. nobody want to have Boonex ads in order to make it look professional
And that is fine.. Boonex will not have problem with those sites because everyone will pay the licenses
no matter what it would cost. The ones with money would pay a unlimited and the ones that do not got money(ppl like me)
would collect enough money for yearly license even if it would not be an easy task in some cases.
But this will keep boonex sites on a low amount because most people wont risk money of creating other
websites other then the first sites that is a must either for their business or personal page.
In my case I use Dolphin for my main site and I got 3 other joomla sites simply because it is free.

Everyone is using Dolphin for one of 4 purposes.
-1. Promote reallife business,  to Promote their reallife business that may not give direct income from the website
-2. Create an online business/dating site,  To create a online business to  earn online(by ads on site, dolpin affiliate, producs, concepts etc,etc...
-3. Personal community/homepage, to express their feelings, hoby, personal homepage, friends etc..
-4. Earn from Dolphin, to earn money from boonex community users by creating websites that refer to Dolphin, gives help,design, offers frelance jobs, mods etc.

For the 1. purpose, absolutt everyone will have ONE license without ads no matter what it will cost.
For the 2. purpose, people may use licence or not. But the ones without license wont succes because of the fact that when
someone creates a website for a purpose, with Dolphin footers then neither Boonex or the website owner will succed. First of
all only a handfull of people may create serious websites WITH Boonex footers/links..
secondly, website owner wont succed because his members will either create the same type of websites when they see it is free or
wont participate on that website because it wont seem serious.
And Boonex wont succed because a website with 5-10 members in most cases wont attract others so much to use Dolphin.
For the 3. purpose, if they are serious they will hardly but buy ONE license, if not it is so serious they wont buy a license.
For the 4. purpose, since it is sites that intend to earn from Dolphin users they will have Dolphin footers/inks that will also
give them extra income from affiliate and it wont colide with their goal that is to earn from Dolphin users.

How can Dolphin earn more, get more license buyers, grow the community and make their customers happy?
Firstly a quote from my village "No matter how smart you are, do not decide before listening to what the idiots(ppl outside your job) have to say"
In my opinion as the idiot x)  I do think if you would have implented 1 year or atleast 6 months of trials without Dolphin links/footers on each domain people
would use then they would have time to see if the new concept, business, community etc would really work.
IF it would succed the website owners would gladly be willing to purchase licenses.
IF it would NOT  succed then they would not purchase the non-footer license and the footers/links would appear.
The reason why boonex would earn on this is because on this 6 monts everyone would seriously work on their website and make
it look professional and imagine all the members it would have during this 6months/1 year period and when the footers appear
on the website with more then 6months of work behind(most like the website will be nice after this period) then the members will be a way more positive about using Dolphin.

Like this instead of 1 serious website, people would work on 5-10 websites with different concepts and goals.
In the first 6 months Boonex would have a small license requests, but after 6 months of time, the license buyers would explode
of people wanting to buy for their expiring licenses.
IF few of their trial websites succed then Boonex will earn because people would buy licenses. /People wont hesitate to try if it is a free trial without footers/links
And for the ones that do not succed, Boonex will again earn because now the footers and links will appear on serious websites that people have worked on, designed and collected members for 6months.
Like this, when the footers show up the members of that site will have a serious website to think of.
The truth is that currently only non serious websites are created with boonex links and they are hardly growing, except the sites that actually refer to Dolphin and the sites that are made for friends only etc.

Think on this Boonex

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The solution is Free 6 months of trial for each domain or a small fee for the first 6 months on each domain.
yes im agree... im not willing to pay license near the thousand buck when im even not sure if my dating website will give me some revenu $$$

especially when you already pay for the lifetime boonex removal link in the past...
and what to think of non-pofit organisations like the mines.. I do not get any money to hold a site in the air.
You do not expect Boonex to pay for your Nonprofit organization?
My main website is also a nonprofit organization and it goes under category
You do not expect Boonex to pay for your Nonprofit organization?
My main website is also a nonprofit organization and it goes under category/purpose 3. like yours..
I use a website without footers, it will work with footers aswell but I would for sure not have them there.
And I tried to tell if it was a trial system then I would for sure create several other websites but it is expensive because of that I do stick with my main site only. And I am sure many others would have created many,many more see more websites like that
I don't say that Boonex pay for us, but non profit organisation like ours don't make money of their sites. They are not sponsored by goverment and so on. They can't pay $760,00 thats what I mean. Kids care are going first then other stuff like this.

But I don't care if there is some banner or links to Boonex.
Can you please edit this blog title and spell "Compete" correctly. Have no idea where you possibly got the spelling you have.

Next up: Why should Boonex let you use their product for free? So that you can get a chance to maybe earn $39 and drop the ads for 90 days and then abandon it? Really, it's $39.00, not a huge amount of money.

As we continue, there are individuals who have purchased multiple licenses for no other reason than developmental purposes. Hmmm, have you seen all see more of my sites? I don't think you have, because they're not all listed and 2 can't even be found by Google, that's on purpose, I don't want them found.

Now, those developmental sites have absolutely nothing to do with Dating type sites. In fact, they aren't even close to that and could no longer even be thought of being used for that purpose now. Are they the next myspace or facebook? Nope, couldn't be used for that either. Yet I have licenses for these sites? Why?

Because they are developmental type sites and they need to run without the footers on them, that's why.

Now, as far as your statement that those of us with the funds will throw unlimited funds at Dolphin... You got that one right. It's absolutely the most pliable CMS on the market right now and I for one am patiently awaiting the 7.1 release with all the apps... What do I have in mind? That you'll never get to see because it doesn't apply to you.

In the end, the purpose of this rant is to show how closed minded you are. If you think for a second those are the only 4 reasons that people purchase/Download/Install Dolphin, then you truly are the village individual you have so clearly stated yourself to be. I have also see others use Dolphin in manners not even close to what your talking about.
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