How do Members get to the Advanced Search page?

AGForknowledge posted 20th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

How do the members get to the advanced search page??


I know how to get them to the "simple" search page and the "quick" search page. (I found the qsearch.php in public html folder and in the navigation bar menu buildeer I draged a new_item box over and put in the url box and called it quicksearch) So in the navigation bar members can click on simple search or quick search but not advanced search.


I know I could used "simple" as advanced by adding more blocks to it but i would like to have both a simple and advanced search pages.


So the questoin is how do i make it so members can go the the advanced search page (or so there is one)


I hope i this makes sense! lol


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I am guessing you are referring to

If so by default it is in the top nav menu under members then "Search"

You could move it around or add the link in other areas of the top navigation window. Or maybe even change the name to advance search or something more destinct for your members.
There's just something wrong in the script. In the admin panel under 'builders' and 'field builders' you can find 3 search options : simple, quick and advanced. But the simple search is shown on the site as the advanced search. The advanced search option doesn't work.

I just changed the language key from simple search to advanced search until this error is solved.
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