How to edit about us,FAQ,privacy

apple1165 posted 14th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

Im new here. just finished to upload and make some change in my site but i did not find a link to edit the this:

About us
Copyright © 2008 Your Company
and the site title
<title>Sample text</title>  i want to change it because i put long title during instalation

if anyone here know how to edit this please give me instruction how to do it. what file i edit.

Thanks in advance.
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log in, go to your Admin panel of Dolphin/
go to> Settings >then Language Settings and here "Search for Strings"
then type in to the field:
_ABOUT_US (= its the Impressum)
_PRIVACY = privacy page
_TERMS_OF_USE = terms

I'am not a programmer but, it works, just follow the steps
Hi webid0001,

Thanks for your reply and suggestions. it works!

How about the this

and <title>Sample text</title> .. i want to change the title during instalation.

You can change site title, email addy, and a few other things in /inc/
Should be easy enough to spot the necessary changes in the file. Towards the top on this one.
thank you very much gameutopia. i got it.

1, I have another question, how can i add a banner ads to the right side or left side of the site? i try it in the setting banner. i put adsense on right side below shout box but it was not appear there. the result the ads is in the background.

2. i try to add video but the limit is only 8 mb. not able to upload it. how can i chnage it or change to imbeded code only ?

3. i upload games but did not work, how to do it?

check my site, i glad to see more accept any suggestion to improve it.

Adsense I do not know for sure. I do not use adsense code but have used standard banner link/affiliate code in the past to top or bottom banner area without issue.

Uploading video you need to set the max file size allowed in your admin panel in the ray suite widget area. If you do have this set to more than 8mb's and the number of files per user more than 1 than most likely it is a upload file limit due to your host. Search for .htaccess or php.ini file upload errors in the forums there is a ton see more of fixes that are pretty simple for this one.

Games not sure. What are you using exactally the ray game suite? what version ? This could also be due to the above mentioned .htaccess/php.ini limit. Once increase it could solve your issue.

Sometimes it can be more than this, but file limits .htaccess/php.ini will solve most upload problems, file i/o errors and undefined.
thank you very much gameutopia for your suggestion how to fix my problem.
my problem now is how to fix the uplaod limit of video and music and also the games free version from ray. thank you veru much.
Thanks i followed and it worked.
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