I am stuck at a crossroads...so here I am

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Well, I've been debating and going back and forth and weighing out my options. And after all is said and done, I'M STILL CONFUSED! I have so little that I need to do but it just seems so freaking big.The main task at hand now, is to see if we want to stay with Dolphin as our software provider.

Is what we are trying to do matching up with what Dolphin can do.


For the most part it is, but there are significant factors that seem to be playing against our plan. The crazy thing is, everything that we wish to do with the site now, is pretty small. But for some reason everyone wants to charge so much money to do small customization. So do I pay for that overly priced customization or do I find a software that would offer half of the things Dolphin doesn't offer, for half the price the developer is charging for one module customization? These are the questions that we are dealing with right now.


Don't get me wrong Dolphin is a decent software and it has taken us a long way. But it is imperative that the simple things at least work properly. Maybe I'm just becoming lackadaisical with the project.  I get to the point where when I'm tired of looking at something, I want to create something new for the eyes. I think that is something that I need to really work on.


BUT that is the least of my worries because I pretty much want to figure out if I want to swap out the media player with a branded one, so my members can sell  mp3's (which is what I was going with just a few days ago) OR do I want to create a web store for my artists? OR do I want to use the dolphin store that's included with our site. See these are the things that I must figure out. Either way though I think that I want my media player swapped out regardless of the decision I make. Finding a developer who is willing to do it for a decent price is the hard part. Decent for me is within my buget,  $150 and below. Everyone wants to charge more than the darn software. (whats wrong with this picture)I rather learn on my own and figure out how to do it, Matter of fact I might just do that.


I guess I'm going to start these articles for my site now. I haven't posted them yet due to work. But I'm about to make a few adjustments to the site and throw some content on board. Confusion can keep you from getting a lot of things done, I tell ya!


Moving on....


So basically I sat down and I re read all of the comments that were made on my last post and came up with a conclusion. Everyone is basically saying that SEO is mostly about the content that you put on your site. So if you have engaging, interesting content on your site, the traffic will come? That to me sound too easy to be true. It makes sense to a certain degree but I feel like there are a few things missing. Link building sounds like it could play a part in this process but I'm just not sure exactly where.


I've been checking out a site called imreportcard.com, actually I use to write for them  (in a way). And I've found a lot of different things on that site that pertains to traffic building and website services. Well truthfully I've found a list of sites but I have yet to try any of them. I'm not in the mood to give my money away for temporary success, if you will. I want something that is more long term.


I was thinking about email marketing. How should I feel about this? I go and buy a bulk listing of emails from my targeted demographics and send invitations. I thought that this might have been a good idea.

Or would this just be another whack way of going about getting members?  I mean if we open the door to just certain people then we can build a quality community, right? Once we get the ball rolling then we can open the doors to a larger demographic.


Just an idea................

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Here's what I think:

If you are really serious about SEO and Website Marketing than you really need to do your own research and come to your own "informed" opinions.
I would suggest you start by purchasing a recently published book or see if you can find one at your local library.

The problem with doing all your research on the net is that you will likely get hundreds of conflicting ideas from anybody and everybody. Also, many of the people giving you advice may have ulterior motives. see more

As for sticking with Dolphin 7, this is also a decision you will have to make all on your own. Personally, I haven't seen anything better. I'm with Dolphin for the long haul.

Once again, keep us posted. Looks like you have some important decisions ahead of you. I'm curious how things work out.
Thats one thing that I've always thought about when researching other people's suggestions. It always occured to me that everything that I read may not be good for my site.

Thats pretty much what my research is all about.. picking and choosing what should be done and what shouldn't.Yeah, I really don't have the time to start a new site, unless I pay someone to do it for me. We shall see....

Keep ya posted
Many would like you to think that SEO is like Rocket Science, but it isn't.

When I conduct training sessions, either on Internet Technology or Computer Software, one of the 1st principles that I cover is that you must first understand that the computer world is simply meant to mimic real world activities. Since I'm kinda' in a rush and don't want to type out a whole page expounding on that, I'll get to what seems relevant to you.

If you owned a nightclub, a clothing store, or any terrestrial see more business, what would you do to promote it? Well, the same concepts you would used to market those businesses are kinda' the same principles that you must exercise on the web. Flyers=Emails, Referrals=Referrals, Business Relationships=Backlinks, Wonderful Product/Service=Wonderful Product/Service, Relevancy=Relevancy, TV Commercials=Web Commercials, Business Networking Events=Social/Business Network Events. I could go on and on, but it's pretty basic.

Ulysses Chico Chapman
Nations Best Enterprises, Inc.
d/b/a/ NationsBestDesigns.com
Now, onto the who SEO thing. In 1-2 years, artificial SEO as we currently know it will be virtually non-existent. Personalized Search Results and Live Searches are taking over. Artificial SEO is the enemy of Search Engine Companies (Google, Yahoo!, etc). It is the enemy because search engines don't want their results to be artificially manipulated. Search Engines make their money when people use them. People use them because they return accurate and relevant results to what people are looking see more for. If you know what your vision is and what your content is, let it be that. As we say around my around, "make it do what it do". Then, you start with those basic principles....ie-Make your site the best that it can be in what you're offering then, tell Friends, tell family, tell business associates, tell personal associates, tell social networking friends, offer incentives/treats,...in other words...you must 1st start with quality then move to at least a 6 month brand awareness campaign.

I'm sorry, I may be rambling, but it's early in the morning here where I am and I've been up allllll night long working. When I get a few more moments, I'll share some concrete information with you so you can sink your teeth in....until then "stay up and make it do what it do".

Ulysses Chico Chapman
Nations Best Enterprises, Inc.
d/b/a/ NationsBestDesigns.com
By the way, I do mods as well. Some mods I do from scratch, but now I focus a lot on Flash/XML Integration with the Dolphin Script. If you would like to find a great widget for you Dolphin Store, go here:

(copy and paste that link)

When you get there, look up to the right and type in MP3 Store. You should get the results you're looking for. As a matter of fact, you will find almost everything you're looking for. The only thing is, you'll need someone see more to integrate the widgets into Dolphin. I've gotten pretty good at this so if you would like to reach out to me afterward, that's cool. Ok, well gotta go now. Good Luck.

Ulysses Chico Chapman
Nations Best Enterprises, Inc.
d/b/a/ NationsBestDesigns.com

I would love to discuss SEO with you one day. Sounds like you have a lot of really great ideas.

Although I agree with you on all the local types of marketing, these strategies can get expensive.

When I began marketing my first website, a local .ca site, I started by handing out thousands of cards, posting banners and signs, and even making t-shirts. The problem was that I was spending more than I was making and the investment never did pay off. Oops.

Now I focus most of my see more time and attention on traditional SEO. At least I know how many visitors I'm getting for my effort. However, I'm really, really interested in learning more about future trends in Search Engine Algorithms and how they might affect my SEO efforts.
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