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slimgoody posted 14th of September 2010 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

Yes, Yes, Yes I know It's been a while since you guys heard from me but I've been working on a master plan. Yep! I said it, a master plan. Nah, I've working alot trying to stack this money because we all know that money makes the world go round. I'm pretty sure thats one of the reasons why all of us are here trying to make our websites hit the roof like Facebook.


I've been doing a little research and I even started taking SEO classes (which are free by the way) I haven't dove into my lessons yet but I'm well on my way. The one thing that I have learned over the past few days is that I'm going to need to focus most of my energy on Content. The web is pretty much based around content so now we need to focus on building great content, like Andrew Boon stated in my comments.


Since my genre is music, I have a broad range of things that I can talk about but the question is what the hell do I talk about? Where do I focus most of my attention on? I have a rather shaky idea on what it is that I need to write on but I'm not all that sure about it. I'm starting to get to the point where I'm just going to have to jump in the water and teach myself how to swim along the way. If I plan on surviving then the last thing I need to be is scared.


The thing that I have that most people DON'T have is the love for what I'm doing. I love music and I love the site that I've built.I've built my site based on personal beliefs and a deep love for music. So there is passion behind everything that I'm doing, I just don't want that passion to over ride the mission.


So with that being said...............


I've taken the time to check out my running competition and I've noticed that there are things that I'm going to need on my site to keep up with the ones who are already ahead of me. Yes, they have been on the web way longer than I have but at the same time it's all about innovation.


I'm also trying to depict how I'm going to get members to my site. Part of me says that I need to focus my attention on certain people. I need to roll out personal invitations and build off of that. Once the site gets going then I can slowly begin to open it up to others. I guess I'm starting to get into the whole marketing realm of things. I'm really not interested in having just ANYONE on my site. Just as I want quality music, I want quality members to give it to me. So where do I get these quality members/artist from? Ooooh the thing that we are faced with


Lets take it back to link building....


So here is my take on link building. Since I'm pretty much nobody and nobody knows me, more than likely no one is going to link to my content. (no time soon) So I'm trying to learn this whole link buidling matter. I'm assuming that when I create content for my site, I choose certain keywords and I link to relevant sites pertaining to that keyword. It has to be that cut and dry right? Isn't that giving other people traffic though? I thought the objective was to get traffic?  From what I'm reading having links throughout your site is whats going to get your site indexed. I was thinking to myself that if I linked keywords with pages in within my site that would count as well. This whole link building thing is killing. Link building and content is the thing that I'm most juggling right now. I completly killed my content just so I could start over.......I started creating articles pertaining to the music business and networking. I found a niche to talk about and thats the niche that I'm going to focus on. I figure if I pinpoint my content then I will have a better chance at getting noticed. I'm not trying to get irrelevant traffic. I could care less about it, I want traffic that is going to generate sign ups. So everything that I create needs to send musicians to my site........I'm all over the place right now, I need to take a break.


In a minute

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nice one.
had i known how to get quality members, i'd be running boonex myself :)
Sounds like you're off to a good start.

If you're targeting a very select niche such as musicians, you may want to consider adsense ppc advertising to get you started.

If you choose to focus solely on content building, then I suggest you make sure this content is really, really great.

Perhaps your ppc visitors will like your content and invite their friends and fellow musicians.

Please keep us posted...
Yeah the targeted audience is artists/musicians, songwriters and producers. Those are the three that we are currently focusing out. Does ppc click expensive and how effective is it?

I shall keep you up to date for sure...
even from within something considered somewhat niche, the music industry is still very vast. artists, musicians, promoters, recording, and i am sure the list goes on and on. take a look at jamroom.net i had actually considered porting jamroom into dolphin for a full fledged musicians social network. then take a look at some of the sites that i know have been around for some time:

unsignedbandnetworks (dont recall the TLD on that, just google it)
nola.com (new orleans louisana)
there are several see more more, back when i was into that , i was dancing with php-nuke, and integrated jamroom into that CMS back in the day.

at any rate, yes, content, and i do believe that it was I who mentioned textual content, and relative textual content.

yes internal links have some weight, however, not as bearing as joining other forums that are music industry related, and if permitted pushing your sites URL from your signature.

Regards, and keep up the good work,

So tell me something, how long did you mess with Jamroom? It looks interesting.

Yes the music industry is a vast market BUT the only three people we are targeting are the artists/songwriters and producers.(still kind of vast I know) They are the ones who will make the site what it's suppose to be. So should I not waste my time with internal links? I was thinking about pushing my link in a few forums, thats a bit of a shakey situation though because I don't want to come off as a spammer. I'm not see more sure if I even want to do that, I want to approah potential members with an invitation of some sort. I figure if visitors see interesting and talented artists on the site then it will intrigue them to want to sign up.

Thanks for the positive feed back, you know I will be gunning you down with questions later. :)
oh and checked out the sites you gave. I see unsignedbandnetworks is using jomsocial as their community extension.
and Nola.com is a NICE content site.
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