I swear I wish I could request a refund

slimgoody posted 12th of August 2010 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

The way that I'm starting to feel about this script, I can't even explain. It's like the smalest things I can't do and crazy thing is that it's the most important thing. I know that may not make sense but believe me, it's so serious what I speak right now. I can't even go and create a decent group and upload a damn mp3 in a decent amount of time AND majority of the time the crap doesn't even download. I'm so angry right now I could cry. I have worked on this project for a year and a half and I've gotten to the point where I can't get what i want. I mean seriously?  I'm pretty sure unsatisfied customers can't request a refund which is definitely something they should implement. ARRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The frustration that I feel is enormous. (eyes heavy........too pissed to continue this post)

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Nathan Paton
There have been times when Dolphin has disappointed me. Moxie helps. Regarding refunds, it depends. Typically, no, you cannot get a refund.
Do you feel that you have got what you paid for?

Being an Australian company, Boonex are governed by the Trade Practices Act - http://australia.gov.au/topics/business-and-industry/consumer-rights


? wish to elaborate..................
Oh yeah and thanks for the respnse to my message I sent a few days ago.Appreciate the help
Be carefull with the mp3 thing if you or your host/server is in a country with strict copyright rules. As for your problems if you could enlighten us with more specific details perhaps someone could point you in the right direction, and/or offer you some help. It can be very frustrating no doubt about that.
You're welcome :)

What I'm confused over is how people can go on for over a year until they come to the conclusion that the script just isn't working out for them.

It shouldn't take longer than two weeks to a month at the utmost to learn, experiment and conclude whether an application suite really works for your needs. And if you know what you're looking for, then it really shouldn't take longer than a couple days to evaluate if a CMS suite basically fits your needs.

In practice, if you're looking at developing see more anything you invest a bit into, I don't see how it's even practically possible to spend a year just in preparation of a website project — unless somehow you have unlimited funding and nothing else to do.
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