Installation service is offered now

VictorT posted 11th of January 2010 in . 11 comments.

BoonEx offers a professional installation service now. Consider this if you are stuck and don't know how to do the installation.

Choose your Agent, if you have not done so, or contact your chosen agent, and your BoonEx Agent will organize a professional installation (fresh install) of the current stable version of Dolphin on your domain.

Customers will still have to arrange appropriate hosting, and we recommend that your check this page for BoonEx approved hosting that complies with all BoonEx software specifications. Almost all offer discounts, as well! Be sure to check "more info" link for each, as plans vary widely.

Order Installation Service here

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I will do it for free if you want to contact me. I will recommend an appropriate webhost (I have used most of them and so know the individual problems presented by each of them ( a few I have not)). There are some I definately would not recommend but I do not want to over do things (spam), as once is enough,

Best Paul
Hey Victor, I ordered the service yesterday. How do we get started?

As it was said you should contact your chosen Agent to organize installation for you.
I don't like to let somebody install for me for free, because it is not safe to give a host UID/PW to third person. it is good to let an agent do this job.
@leesta - you can always change your login credentials after the installation has been completed.
Leesta - you're right, I wouldn't suggest giving anyone your pass who offered to install for free or cheap.. especially the ones who name their account something with "dolphin" in it and use a fake picture of a woman.

It really would be nice if you knew what you were talking about before you made comments! makes you look bad!
No actually it made you look bad..
Hello Victor, my Dolphin 7 is hosted on your partner with RMS. no problems with the english installation. but every time i tried to integrate the german language files, the modul orca forum is lookin bad, and give me some errors out, after compiling the language in the forum section of the site.

if i order a installation your installation service, is there an option to make the installation with both languages, german and english?

plz contact me soon. my best regards, oliver
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