Is this a hack?

LightWolf posted 24th of September 2009 in Community Voice. 11 comments.

I had 2 files in my   /templates/tmpl_uni  folder that did not belong there. I also had to reinstall my .htaccess file

Please check your folder, it did not effect my D7 test site just the main root site. Here is the name of one of the files, the other one was almost exact.


Any Ideas?  I removed them and reinstalled .htaccess and menu is working now.

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Oh yeah 1 more thing, can anyone tell me how the heck they got there?
Yes it is a default and no do not use anything but notepad.
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would actually have to see the source of the file to determine that. i did look it up on google and its not coming up as anything from a security notice standpoint.

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1. is the template a default template?
2. do you use an editor WysiwygPro?

ack, at any rate, i took a look from a generalized perspective. would have to see the file itself to understand what was in it.

Sorry placed above, am a bit stressed
Yes it is a default and no do not use anything but notepad.
LW... I think these are files that are generated by the cpanel html editor.
....izzzz nuthin to worry 'bout.
....unlezzz you never used the cpanel html editor, which would mean somebody else did.
Yeah I never did use it, I use notepad on my pc. I am cleaning out account and starting over from scratch. My account is being reset to see if it from my pc, but i have scanned with 2 different cleaners and found nothing...this is going to take a lot of time now..ughhhhh
I know when i first installed dolphin not that long ago my site had gotten hacked, they defaced it through some known dolphin security flaw. I had searched this and had installed this in my directory so they cant access my admin panel even if they were to hack my site again..
Almost all that info was posted originally right here on Unity by me on 7/14/08 before it made it to those other sites.. but no one ever listens..
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