Keyword field on Search.php not restricting results

LHAdmin posted 14th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.
Anyone having success with the Keyword field on search.php.  It doesn't restrict search results no matter what I do.

Help please?!
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Restrict based on what? Length, banned words, etc?

Thanks for your reply.
Within the Field Builder for Search Profiles>Simple., I am working with the "Search in fields" property of the Keyword block. I've chosen "headline", for example. I figure, therefore, that when I search of keyword it is looking only at the "headline" field.

The result is coming back with all members and seemed to disregard the keyword I was searching on. I hope I explained that well.

Thanks again. Any thoughts?
I explain the problem simply:
Go through :

enter some word in the field which is related to any profile like "I am cool" or not related word like "xxxx"

We will get entire members results.
how to fix the probelm?
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