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IgorL posted 25th of January 2010 in Community Voice. 20 comments.

I decided to write this post because more and more Dolphin users complain about non-processed and non-visible video files that they upload. This article will also find its place in the Trac.

Well, first of all, I would like to tell you about one very important hosting setting - it is the mod_security module. It causes uploads result in 403 error. But BoonEx still predicted such possible hindrance and put some instructions in the file flash - .htaccess. But these instructions will not work in some cases, especially if your server has mod_security2 installed. So, you need to contact your hosting provider and ask them disable mod_security for your hosting account.

The other problem is not visible right away unlike the previous one. This problem is caused by improper crons setup or inability to run ffmpeg.exe

1) the crons can be set up at any time after or during Dolphin installation, but only when they are set up and running, your video files will start to get processed. By default they will be processed every 5 minutes by 2 files a time. You can find how to set up your crons here.

2) the file ffmpeg.exe resides in the flash - modules - global - app folder and it needs to have writable permissions, that is 777 on Apache-module servers and 755 on CGI servers. This file should be also compatible with your operating system.

3) your hosting should allow executable files, otherwise you will not be able to run ffmpeg.exe

4) until your video files are not processed, you should not approve them in Administration - Modules - Videos. Approved videos will not be ever processed. So, you need to allow some time to pass by and then approve the videos. If you still did this before they got processed, you can change their statuses back to pending in the table RayVideoFiles. You even can refresh the contents of this table to see the current statuses of all uploaded files. It is amazing but the processed files will acquire the failed status (indicating that they were not yet approved). So if you see such statuses, you can approve those files. In the next versions BoonEx will make this process more human-friendly.

Thank you for your attention.

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Curious about your post, cause this is gonna confuse the newbies:

1. Are you saying that Videos are only processed (by default) once every 5 minutes? This means it can take up to 5 minutes to process a video you upload.

2. Are you saying that only 2 Videos are processed every 5 minutes? Or that only 2 Videos are processed at a time until they are all processed on the 5 minute cycle?

3. How long does it take an average server to process 2 files?

4. How can the Newbies adjust see more the time frame to process Videos more or less often? Say once every 2 minutes or once an hour?

5. What happens if they are 2000 vidoes to process and it can not process them all within a 5 minute cycle?
So.. if there are 24 videos to process, it will take 60 minutes for all of them to be processed? If I upload a video, and nothing happens for an hour, I'm going to think something is broken.
Processing time is too late...can u please address this issue urgently... thanks
Generally speaking, my video is functioning, but I still have two issue unsolved.
1. uploading and play .mov video file is fine, but video quality is very bad due to the very big compressed ratio,
say a 200mb .mov file to about 40mb .flv even set highest quality;
2. uploading .flv video file get much bigger .flv output file, such uploading 150mb .flv file get about 400mb .flv output file;
another thing is the safe_mode should be off in the php.ini global setting and not in the vhost
We have tweaked few servers for dolphin. We have mod_security running on them. There is no problem with the video upload.
Hello everybody.

First, I'd like to thank "mydatery" for such good questions which I'd want to answer:

1) The cron "bx_videos" runs every 5 minutes; but when processing is not completed (for example there are 20 new videos, but only 2 are processed) it will process the other videos every time the main "cron.php" runs (by default every minute). So, basically if there are many videos, they will be processed every minute after the first 5 minutes have passed.

2) see more Only 2 videos are processed during the process I described above. But this value can be easily changed in "Administration -> Modules -> Flash Apps -> Video Player -> Settings -> Maximum number of processing files". Just increase this value and your videos will be processed faster.

3) Now the most interesting part - even the 5-minute interval can be changed. You will need to do that in your database (basically phpMyAdmin). You need the table "sys_cron_jobs" where you will find the 5th row, whose name is "bx_videos". You will need to change the value for the "time" column of this row. By default it shows */5 which means "every 5 minutes". You can change this to "*/10" to run it every 10 minutes or to */60 to run it every hour.
After making these changes, you will necessarily need to clean the cache in your Administration panel. You may only clean the db cache.

4) Processing time of every video depends on its size and free server resources. Big videos (100 megabytes or more) may be processed during a minute or more.

That's all I wanted to say. Please ask more questions if you have them.
Hello Igor,

I have questions related to this I hope you can answer One concerns my own post that I haven't gotten a reply to. It is at:


Red warning triangles appears in the Flash Apps admin. See post for full explanation.

There also seems to be a problem with video/audio sync in the Flash recorder, both in video comments and the main recorder. I tested this on the Boonex Live Demo and found the see more same issue, so it is not a problem specific to my server. How can this be fixed.

Really appreciate your help.
To: 124c41plus
I have requested some screen shots in your forum post's comments.
Hi, I have posted this a couple of times with no reply, This gave me a little more information but still cant get videos to work. First off I had this instaled from auto installer from Arvixe. Noticed after many hours that the ffmpeg.exe was not set correctly. I changed it to exicutable (which I thought was 755) like it said it should be and I then got the videos to load and say successfull but still no videos showing in file. I changed the cron like it shows in the sticky in D7 forum. Still nothing. see more Cleared cache and all that.

Now after reading this I changed my permissions as you stated to 777 for the ffmpeg.exe. Now I'm back to not being able to load videos. Also I noticed that the cron in the link from your original post is different than what was in the sticky and what I have. What I have for a cron is.

/usr/bin/php -c /home/sitedir/public_html/php.ini -q /home/sitedir/public_html/periodic/cron.php

did have this - /usr/local/bin/php -q /home/sitedir/public_html/periodic/cron.php

of course sitedir is my sites directory edited. Can someone help me out here?
hey scottdb
use this
/ramdisk/bin/php5 -c /home6/sitedir/public_html/php.ini -q /home6/sitedir/public_html/periodic/cron.php
you know what would be a nice feature...make it so you can embed video from any site not just youtube.
Well, I'm going to do something unusual here. I'm going to defend Boonex on a programming issue. ;)

jdoyle55 mentioned that it would be nice to allow videos from anywhere on the web. This opens up several issues.

1. From a legal standpoint, it could open a person up to DCMA issues or at least to the issue of a "Cease and Desist" order if the content posted was copyrighted. At least with Youtube, they monitor the copyright issues pretty heavily, and will remove any videos that don't see more comply for us.

2. From a security standpoint this can cause a lot of potential havoc. Videos that are uploaded directly to Dolphin are re-processed by ffmpeg, thereby (theoretically) "sanitizing" them. The "Black Hat" internet community (virus writers, spammers, hackers, etc...) have discovered that many types of video files can be laced with small pieces of embedded code or scripts that execute when played. Allowing these files to be embedded could result in your site actually being blacklisted as a "Hacking" or "Trojan Horse" website by google and firefox. (as well as many Antivirus programs) Additionally, if Boonex allowed SWF files to be directly embedded, it could open up the site to all sorts of Cross-Browser scripting that could allow password stealing, etc....

3. Finally, as a professional internet developer, I can tell you: It's just plain HARD to support all the different types of video files out on the internet today. If you had the address of the actual FLV file, then yes, it's fairly easy to drop that in, but sites such as Youtube hide the FLV (the actual video file) behind the player program, and normally require you to embed their own player. Many other sites do the same thing, and there is not really any standard behind this. (They WANT you to visit THEIR site after all) It often isn't possible to just type in the address to the page that the video's on, you actually have to know where the video itself is located.
...so there's my 2 cents on why Boonex hasn't supported more internet video sites. That said, if other sites besides Youtube begin to gain popularity, it would be understandable for Boonex (or someone else as a module) to offer direct support for that site. I know it CAN be done (I've worked with several video sites besides Youtube), but it normally has to be done on a per-site basis.
because your response times are slow? if a user has problems as it must do to fix this?
Disable mod_security in .htaccess file
1. To disable mod_security COMPLETELY, add the following line to the .htaccess file:
SecFilterEngine Off
OR, to disable HTTP POST scanning only, use the following instead:
SecFilterScanPOST Off
2. Save the file and test your web application to check whether disabling mod_security has solved your problem.

have nice day
I would like to use my mod_security2 to help with my spam problem. I can block a lot of nefarious url's not to mention known spammer email addresses with it. If i set SecFilterEngine Off in my .htaccess file, I cannot make use of any of the great features allowed by the mod_security app. On the other hand, Boonex in it's infinite wisdom has not provided a solution and the only way I can allow uploads to my site for photos, videos, etc is to completely shut it off? This is not acceptable! Is there see more a way I can allow uploads without completely disabling mod_security2?
ok my videos are being processed now, but when i go to play them it plays the first scene then nothing, but the counter says 00:00 any ideas?
Disabling Mod_Security2 is not an acceptable solution! What if you want to avail yourself of some of the great features provided by it?! Things like spam protection, blocking known email addresses, urls from known spammer servers and a ton of other really cool features that can be done server wide from within mod_security2?
Can you please help us find another way to solve this problem without reverting back to the stone age by placing SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off
in our main .htaccess see more files?
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