Lightening the load for agents

Profesize posted 21st of January 2010 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

I am sure that the agents are having to answer the same questions over and over again.


It would make more sense to create an FAQ that only agents and moderators can write in where they can add these answers into sections and subsections based on a simple and cross-referenced system.


It could even be based on something like this:


D7 > Modules 

  •  Data Migration
  •  Polls
  •  Shoutbox

etc, etc....


   > File Structure 

  •  administration
  •  backup
  •  cache

etc, etc.......


Then have a keyword/quick/advanced search that would help you find an answer.


Of course it would take more time to set this all up and to keep it updated but would eventually save the agents and members loads of time in the future. 


Answers could be cross referenced and it would be a handy kick-off to a real manual too. 

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That's a fine idea. Tiki Wiki would be a great platform to use for this.

Check out the Promo Sheet PDF
Looks good Houston, I think this would be a very nice expansion of Dolphin.
i have suggested basically the similar platform. but from a different perspective. still same end result. i dont know what is going to become of the support aspect. its clear boonex does not have the staff to carry the load with the number of existing members, and the number of new members to come. something has to get automated, and there has to be some serious dedication to maintaining such a massive project.

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