Lost data while using the data migration tool for 7.0.1

creide posted 28th of May 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

I installed 7.0.1 into a subdirectory of my webhosting account and used the data migration tool to transfer the data from 6.1.6 to 7.0.1 and lost 6 member's data in 6.1.6. While the information transferred to 7.0.1 and is in 7.0.1. It is no longer in 6.1.6. The idea was to transfer the information so that I can work with 7.0.1 in the back ground and make the modifications that I needed to make before I make the site live. To some people this may not be a problem since I am going to the new version 7.0.1 but this is a problem when 6.1.6 is still operating as the main website till 7.0.1 is actually released with the modifications I have added. Thankfully I did a back up of the database before I did the data Migration and I can restore the data with only loosing one person's information completely. I am giving a heads up on this because this can be a disaster if you are transferring a bigger database dealing with paying customers.

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Nathan Paton
This sounds like a possible bug.
i have not heard of any data being removed from an existing database. i have read the migration script, and there is nothing there that would remove any such record from the existing database. i would like to try this if you would allow me your d6 instance, i will setup on one of my servers, and do the migration and see if i can repeat this.

i cant imagine what did happen, but there is no logic in a record being removed from the existing database, unless there was something corrupt about the see more record it should transfer to D7 via the migration, but certainly there is no code that would pick and choose to remove a few records from the profile database table of an existing database when using the migration script.

i would truly like to attempt to replicate this. it is a huge issue for anybody and if this is a bug, it needs to be determined.

now what i would like to inquire about is the d6 setting for purging inactive accounts. if this was set on your d6 admin panel and the time arrived at the same time you were doing the actual migration or not.

i have had a few clients complain about their clients dissappearing, and come to find out they had the database purge on inactive accounts set.

so get in touch with me, and see if we can determine if this is a bug or just happenstance on the admin settings of D6


It would be good to prove / disprove this.

Whilst I have found that there is much of D6 that is not transferred over to D7, I did not experience any issues with the primary database myself. Much though I like to have a pop at Boonex regarding the abysmal migration tools, it would surprise me if this if it is actually true.

@Dosdog Ok I have gone in looking in the Database prunning section and do not see anything there for a setting a time for removing of old profiles. I really do not want to loose any profiles that are on my website. I feel the more profiles I have that are legit will help me gain more profiles. My goal is 500 profiles before I start charging. I go into Manage membership types and the only thing not marked is running as a free site. I do not know where to go to check the setting for that. If you would see more please send me a quick note to let me know where to look that would be awesome.
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