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IgorL posted 10th of January 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

As you may already know, on some servers where PHP is running in CGI mode, you need to create the file "php.ini" with some PHP commands to make your site Dolphin-compatible. You can read more about it here:

Then you need to copy this file into every subdirectory of your site. But here comes the problem: Orca starts to think that you have another language called "ph". Compilation option for this language appears on the /forum page.

To work this situation out, you need to delete the file "php.ini" from the following directories:

As soon as you do this, the silly "ph" language will disappear from the /forum page.

Actually, it took me some time to find this out, so thank you for your attention :-)

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I would really like to know what dolphin-compatible would pertain to. Are you guys doing installs and every more than one php build environment? because there seems to be a whole lot of issues from one server to another, and there really shouldnt be this many problems. i am referring to all other cms's that are out there and even in their early stages, there was not this many issues from one server to another. also, those wiki files have not been updated since v5, are are really of no use to somebody see more trying to install dolphin for the first time.

there is so much from an installation instruction that has been left out, and then those who have paid end up in these forums, trying to get an answer, and just as you said, if it took you one of the developers a while to figure that one out, how would you expect us to figure it out? if the instruction from the wiki was to copy the php.ini into every subdirectory.

was this tested before you posted it in the wiki, or was it just some ad hoc patch that was comprised and thrown out there. igor, i know this is not all on you, but this application seriously needs an updated setup of instructions, coherent instructions, that would involve the different builds of php.

i even noticed the other day in one of the forum threads that AlexT posted that all you needed to run orca was proper file permissions. and by far that is not the truth. if your build is not compiled with xml and xsl, then you are not going to be able to run orca no matter what your file permissions are.

continued 2000 word limit.....
the other thing i see as being a problem, is that your instructions on the permissions are vague, in stating required, this needs to be narrowed down to an exact permission level, not just stating | non-writable or | writable.

and one other thing about this orca forum since that is what this blog started out about. can you not remove that Orca Interactive from the title and provide some place in the admin panel to provide a title for the forums. if this is an ad-free purchase, why would orca see more still be blasted across the title of the forum?

the standard is that the site owner can provide a name for their forum, not take up the name of the product, in this case Orca :: Interactive Forum, that is still branded, and needs to be removed.

the other really annoying thing, is all of that crap in the admin panel, we know where we got this application from, we dont need a huge bulletin board in the admin panel reminding us that this is a boonex product. if a purchase removed branding, then remove the branding from the admin panel as well, its annoying.

I agree with the branding issue.

With regards to the documentation, its needs to improve drastically and should now be made a priority. I have been using Dolphin since the D5 days and have learnt a lot about the inner workings of the software but in absolutely no way would I consider myself an expert. Sure you have the Boonex forums and a small group of agents that are helping Dolphin plod along, but I am sure that plodding is not what you want.

To become world-class you need to develop:

see more - a manual with full instructions on set up
- a troubleshooting guide
- an example of the file structure with the correct permission levels for every single directory and file
- a full breakdown of the membership level permissions and what can and can't be done with each permission depending on whether it is enabled or disabled.

It's only natural for both your current and future Dolphineers to expect this kind of documentation and along with a high level of service. We want Boonex to grow and continually improve because it means that our own sites will also continue to improve.

You may have heard that curiousity killed the cat...........well all I can say to that is that "Information brought it back".

Going back to one of Dosdawg's comments, I found that the best way to get around the Orca :: Interactive Forum title was to go to the file:


and look at line 24 for the following code:

$gConf['def_title'] = 'Orca :: Interactive Forum Script';

then you can rename your forum to whatever you like by changing the "Orca :: Interactive Forum Script" part.

OK....rant over!!!

Peace...Profesize (Proudly Australian)
You know what would be nice - some little utility to insert that php.ini file in all the directories it is supposed to go in. There must be hundreds on them. Could someone write a script for this?
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