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gary11 posted 8th of October 2009 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

I think the fundamental design of Dolphin's matchmaking feature can be greatly improved with a revision of the concept behind the code.

The problem with the current match-percentage paradigm is that it ignores "must-haves" and "deal-breakers".  If I am a non-smoker matched 98% with a smoker, that 2% outweighs the other 98% because for me, smoking is a Deal-breaker.  On the other hand, if I were a single mom with kids, I would want to be able to select men who have indicated that they are willing to partner with a women who has children at home. In that case, willingness to accept children would be a "Must Have".

I believe that the ability to include Must-haves and Deal-breakers in search parameters would be far more useful to members than the current match-maker feature.  Also, a comparison chart in the search result, showing which questions are matched, and which aren't would also be very effective in helping our Dolphin sites be competitive in the market.

Any thoughts?

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I get what you mean, sort of, but if you mean it literally to have those terms in the search would be a bit (whats the word)"demanding" I must have a women with 44dd, deal breaker "talks too much" (im going to get strung up by the proverbial by the feminists for that remark)but you see what i mean..

Oooooo "be gentle with me" :-)

sorry, lack of sleep puts me in a funny mood :-)
Yes, I am afraid I left something out. Marking a particular profile question as either "must-have" or "deal-breaker" would be optional. If neither is selected, then the field just acts as a normal percentage 'vote'.

As far as being too demanding, the member always has the option of relaxing his/her standards - but it is at their option.

If your buddy searches for "44d" and "quiet" he can un-check the 'must-have' boxes, or, in the event that the search see more returns one or more profiles shwoing exactly what he wants, you've got one happy camper!
Ya know... I could use some 44dd myself. I'm all for this suggestion.
If Matching feature is working, just simply working, that will already be a great improvement and I will be really happy... as D6.1 displayed Matching percents was wrong and D6.1 Cupid mails was saturating and freezing the server :-(
D7 matching seems like to be not working :-((
I got a Cupid mail saying that my profile is matching my profile !!!
@Michel - Exactly - make the bleeping function work as designed first! Like so many other things in Dolphin, this seems to be a function "in name only" - it certainly doesn't work on any of my sites anyway.
Matchmaking does not seem to work at all.
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