Meta Tags and Permalinks???

AGForknowledge posted 13th of June 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

What are meta tags and permalinks?? and what are they used for???? I am new at all this stuff.....

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meta tags are invisible words that show up in the search engines, site decsritpion and keywords
permalinks are also enabled for search friendly urls....
ask this in forums to get good answers this is a blog...didnt you see the Big splash saying DO not post questions
guess not mrp.
if we had moderators this would not be occurring, well it may occurr, but it could be controlled whereas a poster would be notified of their err, and be given the chance to move it to where it should be posted.

BLOG = bulletin log, shortened to become as we know it now a bulletin log.

Forum= of course we are dealing with an online forum,but the premise is the same as an intrapersonal forum, or any type of political forum. you have a topic of discussion, and those who wish see more to participate are allowed to contribute to the forum.

i think this is more than adequate for an ad hoc definition.

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