My 40 page guide for a good site. (not realy 40 pages long)

Darkcloud4491 posted 15th of August 2009 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

ok so here are a few tips for making people wht to join your site.

1. Choose a site name: The site name should be simple and easy to remember. The name should make the user feel welcome and/or tell the user about the sites content.

2. Get a url (domain name) thats is the same as the site name. A site that is called  Blog Post should be not somthing that way the user can remember the URL alot better.


3. Content. if your site has aduld content you shold start with a page that warns he user about this.  


4. file location. people will want the sites main homepage as the site you ae telling the about or, if you site is more than one thing (like hosting and a comunity), have a page that has a link to all the sections. (remember that the user will use this page to tell them what the site is like.) maybe use screen shots of each section to show thew user what there is on the site.


and at last.

5. Geting onto google/yahoo and other search engines

Ok now this is the best way to get people on your site. for this you will need to set metta tags and a meta descripton. the more tages the better. also try to use the same word more than one time

 (eg. teen, social network, teen social network, network, teen network, network teen, social teen, network social etc)

try to put all possable combonations or your main tag like in the example i used the words teen, social and network over and over again. if you site name/url contains or is the main area you are trying to get on your site that will also help.Al


(eg a free webhost called would be at the top when free webhost is searched)

 Also try and get all the main domain for your site (eg, etc)

try these steps and see if they help and also leave your own tips.

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Son... why you give yourself a negative vote? Don't be so hard on yourself.
Thank you for the advice to the noobie..., however there is a penalty with the search engines for using the same word "over and over". For the most part, your advice is sound. Perhaps a tutorial on how to set-up a Google account and utilizing the "Webmaaster Tools" might be effective.
Meta tags and meta keywords used to work along time ago in headers for search engines like google, yahoo, msn, etc. I really don't think they have as much weight and bearing as they used to. Keywords and tags are minor they help slightly but not much. Some sites that rank like crazy don't even use them at all.

What helps a ton is the page title. This is one of the most important features. You want your page title to be keyworded for something someone will type into google or other search engine.

After see more that the article, blog, whatever post needs to be targeted to similar keywords related to the title and to what you think someone will actually be searching for in google. Mention it several times in the article or blog and be exact and descriptive.

This is way more important than any meta keywords or phrases in the header.

Your site needs google to come and visit in order to update new posts. Keep posting new articles, blogs, stories, post pictures or whatever. That keeps google coming back to your site for more. Google likes new fresh content. The more the better it eats it up. If you don't keep adding fresh new content google don't come around as often.

Basically the way you write is way more important than any meta tags by far.

In order to rank well in google search results the key is backlinks(other sites linking to your site), but the other sites linking to you should be anchor text keyworded/related to your site. They also need to be dofollow links. If they are nofollow then forget about it, they don't matter as much to google. You still get some keyword optimization, but no page rank from nofollow. Overall backlinks even nofollow are better for your site than none at all and will give you a slight push in terms of anchor text and search terms compared to absolutely none. But dofollow backlinks, and more importantly from high ranked sites can and will make a huge difference. It's a learning process that one should spend a little time learning about if they can.

If backlinks are dofollow and related to your content of your site and you can get a lot of will increase your google pagerank and the results you see in a google search for those terms or keywords in google search and can potentially put you in the top 10 all the time if you are serious about it and really know what you are doing.

It's not something that happens over night. It takes time and commitment, but it pays off. You do not have to do it 24-7 but keeping up on it helps a lot.

Sorry to ramble on everyone!
I agree gameutopia, it is more about site content.

That's why at the moment, we are struggling on how to put regular content on our beta site because we don't have retainer in getting fresh well-worded articles into our website in weekly basis as well as related blogs.

Most likely we will be hiring people to regularly update our content as we can't rely on site members to put their content to site in regular basis.

Good to know that somehow here in the forum people are really concerned about see more this topic. That's my 2 cents worth..ta!
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