My Add-Free has Boonex links in footer! ENOUGH!

shaneed posted 21st of July 2008 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

Hi, i already got sick of those inconveniences all the time with this script. I had to fix bugs to make it more personal to my own needs, even made changes to fit my website and it took quiet few months. And now when i almost got to go live this SHIT with Orca (which i don't need) asking me for a license. I Inserted a free generated license to get rid of the license message, and heeeere we goooooo.... MY WHOLE SITE IS WITH BOONEX LINKS IN FOOTER! THANK YOU BOONEX FOR REPLYING MY EMAIL and THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME INSTALL AND RE-INSTALL THE SCRIPT 4-5 TIMES, BECAUSE YOU DO NOT GIVE A SHIT ON IT.

I am angry? YES I AM ANGRY THIS TIME.... I paid so much money for hosting to fit Dolphin needs, i paid licenses , i paid RMS hosting, ONLY to see my site LIVE and working after 2 YEARS of mingleing, upgrading fixing... spending 12 till 18 hours a day in front of my computer working on Dolphin, having argues with my family because i wanted my site to go live, and now WHAT I GET? A fucking BOONEX LINKS WITH ORCA AND DOLPHIN ALL OVER MY WEBSITE!!!! I dare you contact me as soon as possible and to give me some suggestions how to fix this because I CANNOT TOLERATE THIS ANYMORE. My e-mail is unanswered, on Forum nobody could give me suggestions, not even 1 reply. So,sorry i have my limits.

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That sucks bro. Try host gator. I just put up a dolphin site with ray and orca on a hosting account that claimed to be unlimited. I tried it and haven't had any issues. Cost was $20.00 after the 10.00 boonex code coupon which included the price of a domain for 12 months. I pay $14.95 a month and I have to say I'm quite happy. sounds like your getting shafted. Sounds like you have some files that are being re-written during the application of the multiple parts. I would suggest you check your installation see more methods, have a drink, and wait for Boonex to respond... that is if you refrained from using profanity in your email to them, otherwise I would assume you're on your own.

Best Regards,
I am really dissapointed I am strugling with the same problem atm.. And I am so pissed off.. Iputted my site offline simply becuase I do not want any dolphin ads on my site.. I have used it for 4 months without any ads.. now it suddenly appears.. And no help to get from anywere...
You are a fucking CLOWN and need to get a real life...(outside of boonex) or learn how to develop your own fucking software so that your rants and raves blame only your damn self...loser!

Go Boonex!!
that made me laugh out loud for shure!
The dumb fuck does'nt sees that this is an 1 year old blog post. But anyway, save the world, kill yourself installer
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