Not every one wants to run a community website...

tomakali posted 22nd of March 2011 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

Not every one wants to run a community websites...
I suggest Boonex to branch out products based on Trident core

1.D8 Fanbase Portal [$999]

- Separate Unity member group

- Separate Unity Market

- Separate Unity Jobs/Support


Sports,celebrities,heroes,veterans etc a site with all in one fan base would be great and rocking


2.D8 Social Active Portal[$999]

- Separate Unity member group

- Separate Unity Market

- Separate Unity Jobs/Support


Social shopping, social gifting, social jobs, social games, social events


3.D8 Portal like[All Portals in one] [$2499]
- Separate Unity member group

- Separate Unity Market

- Separate Unity Jobs/Support


All the portal features in One Package, ready to start business from day one.


If Dolphin is delivered as a product in future, i can buy mods as a service for a long run.

Definitely Boonex needs to conceptualize a new strategy instead of hooking onto others for help.


if this sounds illogical run a survey to all the Dolphin site owners and statistically analyze the hardships faced by the owners in choosing the mods, upgrades etc onto the empty Dolphin CMS.

D7 is a social networking CMS

Today all the portals require social plugins to survive...

I see Dolphin is "empty" inside[no offence]

if you look Dolphin as a "xyz website" and not as a CMS

xyz = Social NEWS Community? - it doesnt suit that name

xyz = Social FanBase Community? - it doesnt suit that name

xyz = Social Job Community? - it doesnt suit that name

the point is

I dont want to download "Dolphin cms"

and run it as "Dolphin cms" modified for xyz

it would be nice for a hobbyist

for a serious webmaster, it means business...

I download "Dolphin Portal"

and run "MyOwn Portal"

here i should trust Dolphin and work on the marketting...


I recommend seriously that Boonex Should try to implement in Dolphin 7.1[doesnt matter if its buggy]

For sure, D8 will be Phenomenal Product.

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You present some good ideas, but I think that those of us who do run community sites would prefer that Boonex perfect and expend Dolphin's community features before branching out.
@Titan86 The point is "Community" should be a feature for any type of website...
running a feature as website is not a good point in business perspective.

i suggest you run a travel portal with community feature or a job portal with community feature

there are
103874 webmasters in boonex

all running a community-only website?
not good...
webmasters need a better strategy...
I agree that the "community as a website" idea isn't exactly the best way to go, but I have already successfully integrated Dolphin into an existing website as a "community feature" without affecting the rest of the site and didn't really have any trouble. It's not that difficult to do, all you have to do is install Dolphin as a subdirectory in the main site and configure it properly.

I've even managed to integrate other software packages into the website and used Dolphin's see more member system as a "Single-signon" type system with a little bit of extra coding in the dolphin templates. (and without having to touch/alter the main Dolphin codebase)
Great, what if we had few product choices from boonex itself?
sonnarinternet has been running for several years as a regular website with a community as a feature. Dolphin does work this way out-of-box, it just requires the right configuration.

your site is cool. as a webmaster you would have fueled a great amount of effort to start this website...
calculate that in a newbies perspective...

say, if i want to run a real estate community website...
i can install joomla
and install realtor plugin
and the effort here is
Joomla installation 30 mins
plugin installation 30 mins
to the max i can go live in the most max 24 hrs

in case of dolphin, i say it is not mature enough to be "the ultimate platform"
just see more because, D7 itself a "community plugin" for wordpress etc

so, to expand the platform we don't need mods and developers
we need a different strategy in the core...
i hope this will be a great beneficial attempt for all the webmasters in future...

to the point

Bad is
wordpress + d7 community = great website

Good is
Trident + D7 community(as a core feature) + any plugin + any mod as service/bridge = stupendous website
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