your site is cool. as a webmaster you would have fueled a great amount of effort to start this website...
calculate that in a newbies perspective...

say, if i want to run a real estate community website...
i can install joomla
and install realtor plugin
and the effort here is
Joomla installation 30 mins
plugin installation 30 mins
to the max i can go live in the most max 24 hrs

in case of dolphin, i say it is not mature enough to be "the ultimate platform"
just see more because, D7 itself a "community plugin" for wordpress etc

so, to expand the platform we don't need mods and developers
we need a different strategy in the core...
i hope this will be a great beneficial attempt for all the webmasters in future...

to the point

Bad is
wordpress + d7 community = great website

Good is
Trident + D7 community(as a core feature) + any plugin + any mod as service/bridge = stupendous website
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