Petition to Kill The Avatar Module.

houstonlively posted 23rd of March 2011 in Community Voice. 28 comments.

I don't know why I'm writing this.  It's not like petitions do any good around here, but this one's worth it.


I've always wondered why the avatar module exists in the first place. I know I've spoken out recently about all of those who wanted avatars, but to be honest, I can't remember a single person ever requesting this feature.  If I'm wrong about that, someone please show me where it was requested.  My best theory, is that someone at Boonex came across a cool avatar resizer/cropper widget, and a lightbulb lit up in their head... Hmmmm let's make an avatar module for Dolphin and add all kinds of creepy cartoon avatars.  We can inextricably weave it into Dolphin so no one can remove it.   Let's force people to use the cool avatar module.  Let's add a little checkbox by the cool avatar cropper widget and automatically copy the avatar to the profile photos album to confuse people.  Lets make them think that to add profile photos, you have to use the avatar module.  Let's redirect new members to the avatar page during the join process, so we can confuse them immediately.... why wait.


Does any of this really make any sense to anyone?  Avatars were popular back in the old days before modern social networks, and message boards were king.  Those days are over.  No social platform user gives a big rat's ass about avatars.  All they want to do, is upload a profile photo, and be done with it.    Just let people select which profile photo to make primary, and use that as the avatar.  Too many people are confused by the avatar module.  Granted, those same people probably couldn't find their ass if it had a bell on it, but that's beside the point.  The point is, the avatar module is of little or no use, and needs to go.  It'll make the Dolphon platform a little lighter, and a little easier to maintain.


Just post the text 'Kill' if you agree

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Kill it........all feedback on avatars has been negative. Anything that makes it easier and allows the end user to post their picture is a home run.......anything that allows for cartoonish like avatars to be used does nothing but diminish the entire site!!
kill kill kill. Dolphin sites always have to work hard for getting new members. Avatars makes it so much confusing and visitors loose interest at very beginning.
We need a very simple page for photo upload during signup with only file select and submit, and then display the cropping tool. no extra, confusing, useless bells and whisles.
Kill the cartoon avatars, or allow us as admins to upload/change them ourselves. (Although in Boonex's defense, you can opt to not use the creepy cartoons by going in the admin to:
Modules > My Avatar

and uncheck the "Enable site avatars" checkbox.
boonex has delayed so many feature requests saying they dont have time. why did they waste time on this avatar module when its not even useful for most.

Actually we already planned to get rid of avatar module in 7.1
Cool! I guess I'll have to find something else to gripe about now.
Padlocks are in the roadmap too -
Yes, kill. I see AlexT says they will get rid of it
Kill. The avatar mod is indeed very confusing for site members..
I would agree.... BUT how do I set a small picture (aka called Avatar actually) without having the avatar module installed? as you wrote, I just want ONE profile picture which is displayed in profile and which used in very small as avatar. (like Boonex is doing here at Unity)
Is that possible at all actually?
It's a problem. That's what this thread is all about.
Ok, just thought it would be possible with 7.0.5 and the avatar modules was double as extension to use these ugly avatars.
Agreed that the avatar modules is slow and unwieldy, but I kind of like having the small pictures.
Yeah the avatar module is not really needed that's what the profile photo is for
Andrew Boon
It's on a deathbed. 7.1 will have an updated photos module which would allow for profile pictures to be cropped and used as a site thumbnail. SImilar to the way Facebook does it.
You're taking all the fun out of my petition.
Kudos HL and Boonex. Kill the Avatar - give us "Add Profile Photo" something like that.
I naturally hates avatar module my user's do as well coz its not user friendly...................
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