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jerry79 posted 1st of June 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

Hi all,

i was mainly looking forward to 6.1 for the private photo feature. But then i saw that the feature was moved to another release. For now i cant find big changes which are important for me personal between the previous and actual version.

So my question is, does anyone know how to buildin a feature like this in the actual version, or does any mod exists? Cause the old one is not working for the new version.

I like this idea cause we got some guys which are using pics which shouldnt not accessible by the pulic, only when they are friends.

If someone is thinking about creating such a mod, try to make it in 3 categories:

1. Public (As now it is. Vieweable for everybody)

2. Private (Only Friends can see them)

3. Special (Only Friends can see them when they got the pw for this folder)

But Admin should be able to see evertyhing cause to get out of trouble he has to check if they are ok or not.

So, what about your ideas or suggestion. Does a mod like this exist?



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Thanks a lot Michel!!!
Didnt found it. Only saw the old for 6.x.xx!
You are welcome :-)
This is a great mod coming with prompt, effective and friendly support ;-)
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