Problems with Boonex Recommended Hosting

ajinav posted 14th of October 2008 in Community Voice. 19 comments.


I am writing this blog to share my thoughts. I have created an account with HostForWeb when I first used dolphin. This was done as per boonex recommendation. I have signed up for the plan $59.9 monthly.   I had problems often with them. They will suspend my account and say that  "We have found  problems with your account". I will look the logs and found that there was no problem.

In their emails they will ask for extra $60 to fix any problems. I hired an administrator for this. When my site was with them every time I was put into trouble.

Now I have moved to another hosting company where I got the VPS for $20/mo. I am not posting the link because of the rules of boonex. This comes with Level 3 managed support from them. They will look into any problem upon my request. They have moved my site from old server for free. I had to purchase a Cpanel Licens from them for $15. These guys are providing a good service. From the day of hosted, till now not even for a minute my server was not down. I am monitoring the uptime with other services available on the server.

I have told them about Boonex, and they said they already know about it. I told them that they can request a listing for their site in Here are what they said.

"In the hosting tender post, Boonex is expecting $100 or more for each referral they provide. This is quite a high amount. If we have to pay this, we have to increase the monthly fee from our clients. So we have not listed our site there."

Hello guys, from each referral Boonex is getting $100USD. But this is not the matter. The thing is that the hosting companies will pickup this money from us(clients).



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Please move your post to the Hosting Tender blog post, its not needed to create a new blog to talk about a topic already in discussion.

I will move to delete this blog later in the day, so if you feel to copy it and post it in the "other blog discussing this" .

Please note that this blog not only for the hosting. Because I am not running a host company. This is the experience of mine and I have to post it here.

Because this not only deals with hosting companies. But this is for each and every dolphin users here.
In your post : ""In the hosting tender post, Boonex is expecting $100 or more for each referral they provide. This is quite a high amount. If we have to pay this, we have to increase the monthly fee from our clients. So we have not listed our site there.""

I think this is not a fair statement, as depending on the business model of your hosting company, if they choose to sell you a VPS for 20.00 a month, thats 240.00 a year (that is almost 3,000.00 in market value, given its see more a x12 ,x24 evaluation) it would be a choice of there own to make if that wish to pay a commission or not.

And again, each company has its own budgets and operations to allow for promotions and commissions of this sort. If they are raising there prices to compensate for a commission, then I think that business is soon to be out the door.

If you want to discuss what caused price increases more, is the the fact that a large number of dolphin "wannabe's" HOST-HOP, this means they sign up for a month, and then jump to another and then another , etc.

A hosting companies margins (profit) are based on longevity, the longer you stay, the company can start to make some money off the customer.

And of course, in today's world, most people think a hosting company can survive off the 2.50 hosting customers. (news flash, they cant) its called a lead in or loss-leader.

Companies are willing to take a loss upfront in order to gain your loyalty and have you stick with them for the long term. If in a given market, or hosting climate, like Dating sites, etc, if the turn over starts to get too high, you will see prices go up and up.


I should admit that I have no idea they manage their profits and commissions. But that was the explanation given one of the sales executives of them. Also they are providing a good support. So I want that to be discussed here.

Thats all.

Whilst the subject may be a bit sensitive, it does belong in the blog and not elsewhere.
CyberXing, you do seem to be very definitive in what you determine to be a blog. If I understand your criteria, then this blog might as well close down.
All I am really saying is: Lighten up guys.

I never said if should be in the Forum, I said it should be posted in the main BLOG that is already discussing the HOSTING TENDER and is at the top of the blog list to boot.

If every person peels out the subject of a blog and creates another blog , what is the value in that.

Keep everything that is material to one blog in that blog.

This blog is (was) clearly about the Boonex Hosting relationships and the recommendations of hosting companies. (this is discussed numerous times see more in various places)

Lets get this back on topic or its a waste.

CyberXing, apologies. I misread your blog! You are right about keeping these things together.

all the best,

i to have had problems with host for web, can someone send me another hosting company that i can use besides them for boonex hosting.....I actually need this hosting info A.S.A.P.
i to have had problems with host for web, can someone send me another hosting company that i can use besides them for boonex hosting.....I actually need this hosting info A.S.A.P.
I also use this hosting and am happy with their service.
Lots of hosts out there that dolphin will work on, but even more that it wont work on. Kind of depends on how much you are willing to spend, how many members you have or shooting for, space and bandwidth.

If you are starting out small is fine you can usually upgrade at any time. But there are some host that dolphin just wont work on.

Message me if with what you expect and seek and I will point you in the right direction if you wish.

I have tried in Cyberxing me very badly.
He wrote to the suport and never answered.
His server was very slow.
I have 5 accounts with them and as I had not replied to do a migration.
After I answered and told me the story of an employee who did them harm and that they had now changed their servers.
But not solved my problem and I lost all my money, did not have the decency to return the money as ever say vendors.
I am not solved anything and I lost everything, trust their intentions with see more a post that put advertising.
I think that they have committed an injustice with me today and I will continue to disseminate this, so that nobody passes the same.
In general at $4.99 a month hosting plan isn't going to have enough muscle to run your Dolphin site with too many members - and you likely will have trouble with Orca and Ray extensions.
A private or VPS is preferred for getting the most out of Dolphin's many amazing features.

However, if you are running a small site without a lot of traffic I highly recommend HostUpon - their prices are excellent, you can scale up as you need to (as your site and ad revenue grows) and their support is amazing. see more I submitted a support ticket and had the complete answer in less than 4 minutes!!

Best bet is to contact a prospective host before hand and talk to their technical support to ensure that what you want to do with your Dolphin site will work with the package that you want to buy off them.
Hello All,

I use

This service is provided by praveenkv1988 here. I am using their services for more than a year.

Till now I have not experienced any problems with them. I am also using uptime check for my site. I have 100% uptime till now.
In Oct 2008 I hired John MIller of Terabyte Hosting and Dosdawg to build a website called for me with Boonex software. This website was to be a FOR PROFIT website with banner advertising and Adword type advertising down the sides of the pages in the website. The website also was supposed to include a listing directory with links from motor scooter clubs from around the world. I also paid him $699.00 in advance to host this website for a year and I paid him for software that covered see more other required functions. John Miller told me that he could put this website together in 3-4 weeks. After waiting aprox 6 months I was very upset and I posted in the forums about how John Miller took my hard earned money and never completed my website as promised.
John then wrote me an E-mail admitting that he treated me badly (I Have It Available To Post) and he told me that if I retracted my truth exposing forum post about him he would quickly finish building my website once and for all! I took John Miller for his word again (BIG MISTAKE) and I asked Andrew and Victor to pull the post exposing John Millers dishonest and bad business practice's he did to me. Well folks it's been another 6 months and John Miller again broke his word to me by still not finishing my website! ALSO he charged me this time over $700.00 for another years worth of hosting for a website that he never completed! He also lost a flash header with images that he himself had installed on my website. This header cost me all together around $500.00. How could my flash header be lost if he was backing up my website on his Terabyte Hosting server as promised in my hosting agreement with him. That is unless he never backed up his server!
When I demanded that he refund the over $700.00 I also demanded to be refunded all of the money I had already paid to him for the still not completed website after over a year of waiting. John Miller first refused to refund the latest amount of over $700.00. He also pulled my still unfinished website totally off of his server and off of the internet. After I threatened legal action, today he refunded the latest charged amount of money for hosting a website that no longer exists. However he still refuses to refund me for the last years hosting for the website he never finished and for the software I paid for that has also gone to waste since he pulled my website off of his server and the internet.
I am not finished with John Miller and since he still has well over a $1000.00 of my money that he refuses to refund to me I will do what ever it takes to get my hard earned money! If you are now doing business with John I hope that he treats you better then he has treated me. However I would beware before paying him any money for building a Boonex Website and pay attention to make sure that backs up your Boonex site on his server!
Barry Cohen
Just use this hosting they offer free RMS hosting in their package for as cheap as $4 per month. And their after sales service is great. There are also another package you can choose if your site has a lot of member.
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