Profil video???

totallyfreak posted 6th of June 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

I try to record some video on my profil video.... but how that other member see it??? it is a joke? its not appear anywhere on my profil even it the menu when i try to check my profil with another member account...  and when i try to go into the admin panel in the ray pluggin tab... video recorder.... admin..... i try to click on my video to admin it... and it dont works too... the only way i can see my video is when im logged in into my own account and when i click on video profil... but i dont record that video for me but for the other member to see it... and they CAN'T!!!   another mistake from you boonex guy??? or im a dumb... and dont check at the right place.... the video profil should appear in the main profil page...


someone can help me with that... it is a bug or not??



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I haven't messed with profile videos in this new version yet, but I did notice that if you view another members profile page right below their picture in the left column there should be the "actions menu" and in there you should see "profile video" link. That I am guessing should open up the profile video in a new window for the member. I would also expect that you would have to be a member or the member would have to have membership level set to view or use.

I can't see the see more action menu on your site to check, as I am not a member. Non members can not see the action menu.
ok well maybe im dumb... i see it now... but how to auto integrate the video profil like the mp3 profil music player??

but i still got some problem with the player.. when i go into a member profil... i see Video Profil (1) so i click on it... a popup windows is open and its loading.... loading.... and loading... but never showing the video.... its only loading.... my rms works fine because i dont get this problem to record profil video... only problem for looking the member video profil...
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