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I have notice a lot of people posting on the forums to get support on RMS, due to the fact of connection error.

This is one of the most common errors with bonnex community software.

I would like to point out to any one who is having this error to do the following.

Out of every member of staff I have mailed on here about the issues, the only one i get 100% support from is LyubovL.

The reason why you get this connection error is due to the fact that your domain is not on the RMS database.

If you message LyubovL via the link below and ask her to check that your domain is in the data base i am sure she will take the time to check for you.


As a manager of my own hosting company who hosts and install boonex dolphin for many of our clients i have always gone to LyubovL to correct this issue with newly installed bonnex sites, I find her support on the matter impeccable.

I hope this helps.

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Somebody should make a sticky thread for this in the Ray and Dolphin forums. This is the single, most often asked question in the forums.
it would need to be noted that this is only the case if you are running free ray~ the minute you utilize adfree ray, you are not supposed to be connecting to the rms.boonex.com link, and in most instances if you are not on a dedicated or vps machine, you will need a third party RMS connection.

another reason for a conncetion error is too many connections. i dont know exactly how many are connecting directly to the free RMS, but i would presume its enough to choke up one of HFW's machines at any see more given time. and since they only present one address, rms.boonex.com that would tell me they have only one instance of RMS installed and running. could be wrong about that, never checked into it.

No offence to you bet yet again it comes down to boonex. Also LyubovL has never said to me that you are not to use the rms if you using free ray.

She just puts my domains on the list and i am happy with that.

If boonex don't want free ray to use it then they should state clearly that.

Are you saying that if we utilize adfree ray, these issues will be gone?

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